Major Fixes and Changes

Windows Server 20H2 Update

Microsoft recently increased the number of devices that are approaching end of service to update automatically to Windows Server, version 20H2. This update caused some issues with versions 1.26 and older of the Genvid SDK. To correct this, we included a patch in 1.27 which is compatible with both updated and un-updated devices.

For more information about this update, visit the Microsoft page here.

Preparations for Terraform 0.14

In preparation for updating to Terraform 0.14 (planned for the Genvid SDK 1.28 release), we significantly cleaned up the SDK code. This Upgrade Notes for 1.28 will be cover the details of the Terraform update.

Minor Changes and Other Fixes

  • [documentation] Improved Python classes documentation by adding documentation on genvid.toolbox.Backup, genvid.toolbox.ConsulBackup, genvid.toolbox.TerraformBackup, genvid.toolbox.TerraformProvider, genvid.toolbox.VaultBackup, and genvid.toolbox.VersionBackup.

  • [sdk] Added broadcast errors report to the encoder’s health check.

  • [sdk] Fixed an issue where frontend.gcl.sent metrics were not sent during the SDK initialization.

  • [sdk] Fixed an issue where audio capture does not output frames at the desired FPS.

  • [toolbox] Added an exception when the s3 images bucket-configuration is missing.

  • [toolbox] Added log rotation settings to Consul/Vault/Nomad running on Windows.

  • [toolbox] Removed parameter stdout from genvid.toolbox.LocalService method print_log. The output and error logs are now written in the same file in the log directory.

  • [toolbox] Deprecated version parameter in TerraformProvider.

  • [gvencode] Fixed an issue where gvencode would fail to stream when the sync encounters an encoder failure.

  • [bastion-api] Improved UI by replacing the textbox with a combobox to input the filename while creating new logs, allowing you to either select an option from the dropdown list or enter a custom name.

  • [bastion-api] Fixed an issue where global Terraform settings were passed as input variables to a Terraform module even when those variables are unknown to the module.

  • [bastion-api] Improved error message when loading a profile fails by exposing the origin of the error.

  • [bastion-api] Improved UI by assigning a fixed minimum height to the property boxes on the Terraform settings page so the layout remains uniform even after a label is added at the bottom.

  • [bastion-api] Deprecated Provider.Meta field in Bastion API.

  • [bastion-api] Moved Provider.Meta.Alias field to Provider.Alias in Bastion API.

  • [bastion-api] Deprecated Provider.Meta.Version field in Bastion API.

  • [aws] Removed unused variable cidr from Terraform module minimal_cluster.

  • [aws] Removed unused variable game_az from Terraform module minimal_setup_ami.

  • [aws] Removed unused variable region from Terraform module basic_cluster and submodule cluster/sample.

  • [aws] Removed unused variable user from Terraform submodule genvid/aws.

  • [aws] Removed unused variable validation_method from Terraform modules minimal_cluster_alb_ssl and basic_cluster_alb_ssl.

  • [aws] Renamed ami_prefix variable in AWS clusters to game_ami_prefix.

  • [aws] Added server_ami_prefix variable to all AWS clusters.

  • [azure] Removed variable trusted_security_groups from azurerm_basic_cluster_alb_ssl and azurerm_basic_cluster modules

  • [azure] Added variable toolbox_location to azurerm_basic_cluster module.

  • [azure] Added server_image_prefix variable to all Azure clusters.

  • [terraform] Changed the default value for the subdomain_name to null on AWS. For more information, see basic/basic_cluster_alb_ssl and basic/minimal_cluster_alb_ssl.

  • [terraform] Changed the default value for the game AMI from genvidtech to default in AWS basic_cluster_alb_ssl and minimal_cluster_alb_ssl to match Toolbox default behavior.

  • [aws, azure] Added new tags genvid:terraform-module-name and genvid:terraform-module-version to all clusters.

  • [bastion-ui] Improved UI on Terraform Configuration page by displaying the correct button under Job Control column without showing the transition of button state on page reload.

  • [bastion-ui] Fixed an issue on Terraform Configuration page where the status of a cluster was displayed as DOWN instead of BUSY while the module import was running on that cluster.

  • [bastion-ui] Improved UI for the custom_tags variable in Terraform settings.

  • [bastion-ui] Fixed an issue where a misleading warning message was displayed when validation of the Bastion ID triggered an error.

  • [bastion-ui] Improved UI by adding a warning for min & max character limit for Bastion ID and Cluster ID.

  • [consul] Upgraded Consul server and client from 1.8.4 to 1.9.3.

  • [eventsd] Fixed possible read/write issues in eventsd on a NATS reconnection that could potentially create a race condition.

  • [sdk, composed, gvencode] Fixed an issue where the audio/video streaming would not work if Windows sleep time resolution period was too high.

  • [sdk, composed, gvencode, gcl] Improved metrics network-usage by packing them into a buffer before sending them.