Major Fixes and Changes

Windows 11 Development Support

The Genvid MILE SDK now officially supports Windows 11 for development.

Minor Changes and Other Fixes

  • [documentation] Added missing web prefix to genvid.studio in the metrics documentation page.

  • [documentation] Updated Metrics tables to show per-metric Beta status, rather than globally.

  • [documentation] Added documentation about how to use the loadtester on Azure.

  • [documentation] Corrected code lines showed in example for the Unreal integration section.

  • [sdk] Fixed an issue where metrics were not sent if a submit call was unsuccessful.

  • [sdk] Fixed an issue where ComposeD and GVEncode failed to restart unless there was a delay before manually restarting.

  • [sdk] Added the stream tag to submit timing metrics for data streams and annotations.

  • [terraform] Improved wingame provisioning on AWS by removing the dependency on EC2Launch v1 script on startup.

  • [ami_setup] Fixed an issue where variables used by the AMI clusters setup were pointing to the wrong owners and prefix when set in the global variables section.