Major changes in this version

  • New encoding pipeline, more robust and precise. Most services reset themself in case of disconnection.

  • New CSharp wrapper for the SDK.

  • New Unity Sample with pre-fab.

Minor changes and other fixes

  • [web] Add stream information to /disco/stream/join. You can now join a stream directly without calling the /disco/stream/info API.

  • [settings] vbitrate and abitrate settings in genvid/encode/output now take an integer. Unit suffixes are deprecated.

  • [settings] We fix the audio delay problem. The videodelay options in genvid/encode/output is no longer used.

  • [cluster-api] Validate that the services job is not running in order to set the settings and logs.

  • [scripts] The configuration is no longer shown after loading. Call show-config to see it.

  • [genvid-ui] Do not show the spinner when the update job is dead.

  • [documentation] New documentation for cluster-api, disco-api and command-api using swagger.

  • [cloud] The configuration now seperated the encoding workers from the internal worker, for better monitoring and future scalability.