Major changes in this version

Improved Windows Installer

The installer was improved with basic support to repair/modify your installation. Actually, it only supports repairing and adding new components, but will give you better control on what you want to install. Be aware that the installer still removes everything under the SDK installation, including local files. This will be fixed in a future version.

Compressed video stream between game and encoder

We are now using a compressed video stream between the game and the encoder. Although this required more CPU, this will greatly reduce the bandwidth between the game and the encoder on the cloud, paving the way for multiple input sources to come later.

Unity integration with the Genvid SDK


This feature is currently in beta. All the basic functionalities are present but some conveniences are missing and some API are likely to change in the future. Particularly, the capacity to run the sample from the Unity Editor is missing. Your feedback is welcome.

The Genvid SDK can now be integrated into your Unity project.

Minor changes and other fixes

  • [cloud] Add account id to bucket name for images to avoid global conflicts.

  • [cloud] Changes the ARTIFACTS_URL_TEMPLATE to use the bucket_domain_name output from terraform.

  • [cloud] Fix lookup of latest AMI (both game and server) in terraform for external account.

  • [cloud] Merge the Cloud Solution installer in the SDK installer.

  • [documentation] Add a missing section on upgrading from 1.0 to 1.1.

  • [installer] Update python to 3.5.3. This is not a mandatory update.

  • [local] Add logging for nomad and consul. Run local.py log nomad for example, to get them.

  • [broadcast] Check for out of bounds condition in broadcast that could lead to a broken stream.

  • [sdk] Fix the destroy/creation of a video stream leading to a broken stream.