0.6.1 - Alpha Release

This release is for local use only, but provides a very close experience of what the actual production releases will include. It is also alpha software, so some API, configuration formats and variables and functionalities are likely to change based on the feedback we receive, but we will provide a clear and easy path to upgrade to future releases.

This release also lacks some functionalities that we have deemed too unstable for release, as well as some known bugs that we will fix before the full release, but which shouldn’t impede your development.

Missing functionalities

This release intentionally doesn’t provide the capacity to deploy the services on the server. This will be provided in our SDK 1.0 release. Other missing functionalities that will be released at a later date (but before 1.0) are:

  • Audio capture and streaming support

  • User authentication and validation

  • More secure handling of secret parameters

  • Hardware encoding