Major changes in this version

Support for Remote Storage in Terraform

This is a major change in the way we handle our clusters and an additional step toward having the clusters entirely handled remotely. The interface hasn’t changed, but now the Terraform state is preserved in the Consul daemon. We also upgraded to Terraform 0.10, which introduces major changes in Terraform itself. Before upgrading, please destroy any existing cluster since the upgrade will not be able to restore them correctly. Note that you now need to call a short init command before being able to actually manage your cluster after its creation.

New load tester sample

We added a new sample to help doing load tests. The sample starts many clients connecting to the services. It came with a new cluster setup especially for this.

The web SDK is compiled with modules instead of global variables

The web SDK has the new version compiled with modules. This is to enable the use of the SDK in node.js. Three version are available. The first targets the browser using global variable and is backward compatible. The second targets the browser using modules. The last is using module and target node.js.

New Unreal Engine 4 Sample

We created a new integration sample directly with Unreal Engine 4. This sample uses the same code as Unreal Tournament, but in a simpler setting to help with the integration into an original UE4 game. It also includes some new tools to help with the integration. Check it out inside our Unreal Engine 4 Integration section.

New delay on sources in Studio

When the composition mode is activated it is possible to add a delay on each of the sources. This feature will allow the realization to have pip and voice-over well synchronized.

Genvid Plugins now support remote clusters

You can now select and control even the remote clusters in the Genvid Plugin for Unity and Unreal Editor. Both plugins allow you to modify the Genvid settings, start and stop jobs, and even display the SDK Health Check results, giving you a better view on the state of your game, even when it’s running in the cloud.

Bastion Reverse Proxy

We add more cluster services and API provided through the Bastion reverse proxy functionality. This will allow us to provide a centralized management of those services, including access control and logging. The direct access to the service API will eventually be cut off on the remote clusters to ensure a more secure environment.

This change the previous reverse proxy api which were only available for the cluster-api service. This version redirects all the calls to /v1/cluster/{cluster}/v1/ to /v1/proxy/{cluster}/cluster-api/v1 but you should update your usage of this API accordingly to access future version of this API (as well as other services).

Minor changes and other fixes

  • [sdk] A crash when receiving events that appeared during heavy load testing has been fixed.

  • [doc] Update the documentation on the usage of GENVID_DEFAULT_IP to prevent problems with Bastion or Consul not being reachable.

  • [samples] Add missing samples\streaming_services folder in the installer. The code is the same as shown in the documentation.

  • [bastion] Added the possibility to choose a Terraform source when creating a cluster in Bastion-UI.

  • [bastion] Add a new terraform/instance/status API to query the status of the cluster. It is available with the genvid-clusters terraform-status command.

  • [metrics] Add some metrics for the gvencode service.

  • [metrics] New metrics were added to the stream context and frame grabber.

  • [toolbox] Cluster api now provides the method get_proxied_url which returns an url to the given service that is proxied by Bastion.

  • [cluster-ui] A new settings section allows the creation and edition of event maps and reductions.

  • [plugins] Both Unity and Unreal plugins now supported controlling your remote clusters in addition to the local cluster.

  • [gvencode] Better stream synchronization for long-term broadcasting

  • [unity plugin] Fixed an update error for Cluster-API in the editor.

  • [unity plugin] Removed the static menu generation for Cluster-API.

  • [ue4 plugin] Added error feedback when the url link is invalid.

  • [tutorial] The clipping of the overlay when displaying a composed stream has been fixed.

  • [studio] The affine matrix describing the transformation of the viewports in a composed stream is now computed in function of a normalized viewport instead of a viewport in pixels