Major changes in this version

Genvid Studio Improvements

Version 1.16.0 includes a number of improvements to the Genvid Studio user experience and service quality.

  • Studio now supports new Wipe filters and includes a good collection for you to use right away.

  • The new Scene Widget lets you save your scene configurations for quick reuse.

  • We added time interpolator for audio and video transitions

  • There are also a number of improvements in Studio performance and the responsiveness of its controls.

Clusters page is now Terraform page in Bastion UI

All the Terraform configurations are grouped together under Terraform page, including Cluster Terraform configurations. The process of managing your Cluster Terraform configurations remains the same. However, with the improved UI, you can complete a configuration with fewer clicks and can navigate between the configurations more easily.

Leafd metrics

In total, 22 new metrics are now emitted from the leaf. Refer to the metrics documentation for more detailed insights on the new metrics from leafd. Refer to the tick sample to start experimenting with those new metrics.

New Events Page

We changed how the Events page displays captured event-data. Instead of a log of all triggered events, it is now a table which displays a summary of each event. You can also download the summaries in JSON format.

Broadcast diagram sample

The new sample bcast allows you to have an overview of the different jobs of the broadcast in the form of a diagram.

It contains the status of nodes, jobs, services and streams as well as some statistics of the broadcast.

Minor changes and other fixes

  • [web-sdk] Added control over Web SDK logging. See the new configuration under genvidConfig.IGenvidConfig.console.

  • [web-sdk] Used https instead of http to fetch the Twitch Player code. This fixed the usage of Twitch Embed Player over an https web page.

  • [cluster-api] Correctly set the cluster’s Vault address and token on startup based on the information in the bastion’s Vault. Fixed a problem where the secrets were saved in the bastion’s Vault instead of the cluster’s.

  • [cluster-api] Decreased the resource needs for the Nomad job, so more clusters can be managed at the same time from the same machine.

  • [toolbox] Added backup argument to genvid.toolbox.BaseTool.install_file() method, and make it non-static.

  • [toolbox] The environment variables VAULT_TOKEN and VAULT_KEYS now take precedence over the content of the ~/.vault-token and ~/.vault-keys files.

  • [terraform] Added a trusted_security_groups list to our cluster modules for helping with the management of trusted access.

  • [services] Services’ addresses are now garanteed to point to healthy services. It results in more robustness when it comes to service discovery.

  • [services] Leafd now has a new configuration services.leaf.maxConnections that limits the number of connections per leaf. This makes the leaf health check return 429 Too Many Requests, which effectively removes the server from the URL available from Discod.

  • [composed] Reconnect on bulb service if its server stops. This modification improves the robustness of the data stream.

  • [ingest] Decreased the waiting time between two ingests to under a second.

  • [ingest] Added reference clock to frame from ingest. The extra-delay of FileSource filter could adjust this reference clock.

  • [youtube player] Avoid latency drifting when a game generates an irregular stream.

  • [cluster/bastion] Start all jobs now returns with an error if one or more

  • [cluster-ui/bastion-ui] The modal window in Job setting is widened for better readability jobs failed to start.

  • [cluster-ui] The events tabs bug that prevented the events from displaying for cloud deployments has been resolved. The events subscription endpoint /events/results/{counter:[0-9]+} has been repaired.

  • [bastion-ui] Start all jobs now also starts the cluster-api’s jobs.

  • [bastion-ui] In Terraform page, the configurations tabs on the left panel is sorted alphabetically.

  • [bastion-ui] In Terraform All Configs view, scrolling is enabled when there is an extensive list of clusters.

  • [studio] Wipe transitions are now supported by Studio

  • [studio] Added a scene widget. The user can now save and load a video layout or its audio mixer settings.

  • [studio] Added time interpolator in audio and video transitions.

  • [studio] Avoid monitor latency when the game drops video frames.

  • [studio] The behaviour of all the slider controllers, except the ones in Sources panel, are changed to reflect the user input immediately without releasing the mouse or finger.

  • [samples] Fixed the version of @types/bluebird in our web samples to 3.5.20, which is the last version compatible with TypeScript 2.5.2.

  • [rootd] Better CPU and memory usage.

  • [ingest] Exposed extradelay and ntp.server parameters in the Ingest template. This allows to compensate correctly for the encoding delay or clock-drift of the source.