Major Fixes and Changes

Upgraded HashiCorp Stack

We upgraded the complete HashiCorp stack to their newest versions. See the upgrade notes for more information.

  • [terraform] Upgraded Terraform from 0.14.7 to 1.1.5.

  • [consul] Upgraded Consul from v1.9.3 to v1.11.2

  • [nomad] Upgraded Nomad from v0.12.1 to v1.2.4

  • [vault] Upgraded Vault from v1.2.4 to v1.9.3.

  • [hashi-ui] Upgraded Hashi UI from v1.0.0 to v1.3.8

Upgraded AWS Default Instances

  • [aws] Improved AWS instances EBS drives by using the gp3 volume type instead of the default.

  • [aws] Upgraded AWS T2 instances to T3 by default.

  • [aws] Upgraded the default game instance type from g4dn.xlarge to g5.xlarge.

  • [aws] Improved AMI build by using the T3 instance type instead of the T2 and g4dn.

Minor Changes and Other Fixes

  • [documentation] Corrected documentation where it referred to the wrong version of consul-template.

  • [toolbox] Fixed an issue where some file handles remain open after some Python API returns.

  • [toolbox] Fixed an issue preventing connecting to Consul when some environment variables are set improperly. See the upgrade notes for more information.

  • [toolbox] Fixed an issue where the script environment changed after calling ConsulTemplateTool.load_config_template.

  • [toolbox] Improved genvid.toolbox.SDK.setup() method by using the update_images() code.

  • [toolbox] Removed low-value debugging logs from output generated when running genvid-ami delete.

  • [toolbox] Fixed an issue where genvid.toolbox.RolesPathNotFoundError didn’t report the faulty path correctly when printed out.

  • [toolbox] Improved genvid.toolbox.DockerTool by setting the timeout parameter through the GENVID_DOCKER_API_TIMEOUT environment variable.

  • [toolbox] Improved genvid-bastion reinstall by clearing the previous jobs on the bastion before reloading the definition from the disks. This makes for a cleaner upgrade path.

  • [toolbox] Improved the reliability of the upgrade instructions by adding updating your local cluster during the upgrade process.

  • [aws,azure] Fixed an invalid link for the Documentation

  • shortcut during the VM images setup.

  • [terraform] Marked all sensitive variables and outputs as sensitive explicitly in the Genvid MILE SDK modules.

  • [bins] Improved bins by making the binsd job install along with the SDK config instead of a setup job.

  • [cluster-api] Fixed an issue where the cluster-api was using the static/vault-assets folder during a remote cluster setup, instead of the ROOTDIR/cloud-services folder.

  • [sdk] Fixed an issue where the unity editor would crash when stopping the scene.

  • [composed] Improved composition rendering during an unplanned disconnection by validating the source availability.

  • [gvencode] Fixed an issue where the result of game-data cropping is not as expected when a source disconnects or reconnects.

  • [gvencode] Fixed an issue where using standalone mode in a cloud cluster causes an audio/video freeze.

  • [gvencode] Fixed an issue where GVEncode crashed when a transition is applied.

  • [studio] Updated Studio clients to keep track of audio and video unique IDs.

  • [studio] Fixed an issue where the audio auto-follow setting toggled when changing audio settings or when switching scenes.

  • [ingest] Fixed an issue where the Ingest sample repeated connection attempts when no streams are present.

  • [nats] Upgraded nats-server from 2.2.6 to 2.7.2.

  • [nats] Improved NATS bootstrap configuration by using any server class nodes instead of only server-0.

  • [nats] Improved NATS visibility by moving it from a setup job to a cluster job.

    NATS now appears in your Cluster UI list of jobs and is started and stopped like any other configurable job.

  • [rootd,leafd] Fixed a potential memory leak that could occur in either rootD or leafD.

  • [web-sdk] Fixed an issue where Twitch’s setStreamInfo function isn’t called when a leaf change occurs.

  • [twitch extension] Fixed an issue where the web job wasn’t starting due to duplicate environment variables (SSL and ENDPOINT) in cloud deployment.

  • [twitch extension] Added setting endpoint documentation to avoid CSP issues with the latest Twitch Extension Policies update.

  • [twitch extension] Fixed an issue causing the overlay to freeze or disappear when using PiP (Picture-in-Picture).

  • [samples] Improved samples scripts by checking if the MSBUILD environment variable is set before looking for the path in the registry.

  • [ue4 cube sample] Updated the top UE4 version supported for the Cube Sample in the documentation.

  • [loadtester] Fixed the loadtester cloud job template incorrectly setting a force_pull to true.

  • [ue4 plugin] Fixed compilation errors which occurred with projects using the IWYU (Include-What-You-Use) model.

  • [ue4 plugin] Fixed an issue causing a crash while building a UE4 project in debug mode.

  • [ue4 plugin, unity plugin, sdk] Fixed an issue causing the SDK to not properly destroy all its resources when the scene is stopped in the editor.