Major Fixes and Changes

Studio service always on.

To enable easier configuration and management of your streaming cluster, we now turn Studio and composition on by default. This change requires an additional internal instance. The system creates it automatically for new installations.

For more information, see the Genvid Studio Service section.

Minor Changes and Other Fixes

  • [toolbox] Fixed an issue where genvid-sdk could raise an error when GENVID_CLUSTER_ID is set to a non-existing cluster.

  • [webgateway] Corrected mismatch in description for commands request JSON.

  • [studio] Improved usability by loading Studio without requiring the web service to be loaded.

  • [binsd] Corrected health check returning “consult” as name instead of “consul”.

  • [unity plugin] Fixed an issue where GenvidSession reports a warning with GenvidVideo instead of GenvidAudio.

  • [web sdk] Fixed an issue causing the right composition to take a while to apply after restarting the encoding service.

  • [web sdk] Added a setting on the window object that returns a numeric object in TypeScript to fix the “setInterval” call that wasn’t returning the right type on tests.