Major changes in this version

New packaging of Web API

The Web API has been repackaged. The CommonJS target has been removed and the Node target has been bundled with WebPack. See our upgrade notes for more information.

New SDK JPEG Encoder

We replaced our internal encoder with libjpeg-turbo which reduces the load of the game machine CPU, and help also to reduce the bandwidth. That is just a first step in our optimization efforts to improve the quality of the stream and allowing higher resolution.

New Events Page

We changed how the Events page displays captured event-data. Instead of a log of all triggered events, it is now a table which displays a summary of each event. You can also download the summaries in JSON format.

Better support for many clusters in Terraform page

We’ve added many improvements to help manage multiple clusters: a more responsive page, sorted clusters list, and enabling scrolling when too many clusters are present. More improvements are will be introduces once we get more projects published.

Minor changes and other fixes

  • [installer] Replaced Visual Studio Build Tools Installer with the one with C++ support. Allow to compile the C++ samples.

  • [sdk] Fixed the audio client initialization when the audio engine mixer format is not supported by the audio endpoint device.

  • [sdk] Fixed a race condition in the composed operation that freezes the game loop.

  • [wingame-ami] Fixed a problem with the framerate of the game when the remote screen goes into sleep mode after fifteen minutes.

  • [terraform] Replace the AWS VPC Module in the basic_cluster module that required Git to be installed. We are now using a standard module that can be fetched directly from Terraform Registry.

  • [cluster-api] Fixed a condition where the Cluster API were using the wrong Consul and Vault, leading to initialization problems and lost configuration.

  • [cluster-ui/bastion-ui] The modal window in Job setting is widened for better readability.

  • [cluster-ui] Node status is now hidden on single node cluster.

  • [cluster-ui] Tooltips are re-integrated to the input labels in Genvid Settings page.

  • [studio] Alerts and messages are added to inform users the state of their actions

  • [studio] A cut button and the option for automatically cut to another scene are implemented in Scene Widget.

  • [studio] The automatic audio follow mode is now saved in scenes.

  • [ingest] Exposed extradelay and ntp.server parameters in the Ingest template. This allows to compensate correctly for the encoding delay or clock-drift of the source.

  • [ue4-plugin] Added the Unreal Engine 4.20.1 compatibility to the Genvid Module.

  • [ue4-plugin] Fixed a compilation error with FGenvidTimecode on two templated functions of the deprecated GenvidSteamer class.

  • [ue4-plugin] Added an option in the Blueprint to set the Game framerate and the Genvid video stream framerate.

  • [ue4-plugin] Renamed gamedata as gameData for any function and parameter to be consistent with the format.

  • [unity-plugin] Fixed a problem in the Genvid Window Editor when a user clicks a button and nothing happens.

  • [loadtester] Update consul package and ensure we connect to the nearest statsd in a healthy state. Improve performance and metrics build up in the clients.