Major Fixes and Changes

Cloud Deployments - Azure

We improved support for Azure deployment by adding the genvid-azure-image command to import base images more quickly when creating cloud environments.

We changed the Linux distribution of the server image from Ubuntu 16.04 to Debian 10 to match the AWS server image distribution family, be more up to date, and for improved performance.

Cloud Deployments - AWS

We added support for G4 machines and Windows 2019 for AWS cluster deployment.

You can now define the subnets corresponding to the availability zones (AZs) you want to deploy to and the different components of your clusters will be spread to these AZs accordingly. Destination AZs are now defined by the new variables subnet_ids and azs. force_azs is no longer used. This change also brings more uniformity between our cluster variables and outputs.

We upgraded the provided wingame image from Windows Server 2012 R2 to Windows Server Datacenter 2019. We also disabled Windows Defender and Windows Firewall by default on it for improved performance.

RemoteGUI (beta)

The new RemoteGUI provides live, visual information about the encoding pipeline. It will help you troubleshoot and identify more precisely where bottlenecks are when issues occur in the live stream composition.

Unity Prefab Changes

The editor and SDK parts of the Unity plugin are now exported in 2 separate plugins.

Minor Changes and Other Fixes

  • [unity-plugin] SubmitNotification is now part of GenvidSession. Related methods are now marked as deprecated in GenvidStreams.

  • [unity-plugin] Fixed a bug where SubmitGameData would always return false even without an error.

  • [unity-plugin] Added overloads to SubmitGameData, SubmitAnnotation, and SubmitNotification for convenience and homogeneity. (They all have matching overloads now.)

  • [unity-plugin] All overloads of SubmitGameData, SubmitAnnotation, and SubmitNotification now consistenly handle null by returning false early and displaying an error log.

  • [ingest] Added supported color formats and color spaces in the documentation.

  • [ingest] Fixed a crash happening upon disconnection of the RTMP source in the Ingest sample.

  • [ingest, gvencode] Fixed audio stream resampling issue when audio source is not stereo.

  • [ingest, gvencode] Fixed an issue where stopping and starting OBS caused an audio/video desynchronization.

  • [ingest, gvencode] Fixed an Audio/Video desynchronization issue when the Internet connection has problems (lag, drop, throttle).

  • [composed] Fixed an issue where game data wouldn’t display after starting a cluster.

  • [composed, gvencode] Optimized the composition data bandwidth.

  • [toolbox] Added a command to create images in current Azure subscription. This allows for faster creation of clusters in Azure.

  • [toolbox] Updated documentation for upload-images-sdk

  • [toolbox] The linux server now restarts dhclient to apply configurations and ensure Vault access.

  • [toolbox] genvid-azure-image now requires Python 3.8 to run.

  • [studio] Limited studio components to one type per dashboard.

  • [studio] Removed the “”+Broadcast(Deprecated)”” panel from Studio dashboard.

  • [studio] Removed components settings in scene creation.

  • [studio] Validated dashboard IDs in Studio. They must start with an alphanumeric character to be saved properly.

  • [studio] Applying an overshoot interpolator on a cover transition will no longer show a black frame in the overshot section.

  • [studio] Fixed crash when switching from monitor to dashboard if the user doesn’t start the playback.

  • [studio] Fixed issue where the system restarts multiple times after a failure.

  • [studio] Fixed browser slowdown due to concurrent readers.

  • [studio] Optimized Studio UI performance.

  • [studio] Studio’s default scene is now displayed when Studio opens in a cluster for the first time.

  • [azure] The new genvid-azure-image command allows to import base Linux and Windows images directly from Genvidtech Azure blob storage, as well as preparing the Windows game image.

  • [azure] Modified the default values of the resource group and shared image gallery for Azure.

  • [azure] Updated documentation to specify that Python 3.8 is required for using the SDK with Azure.

  • [azure] Updated documentation for shared_gallery_image_version when working with genvid-azure-image.

  • [web sample] Replaced request and request-promise library by axios.

  • [web sample] Added SSL support for all streaming services.

  • [web sample] Added the generate-ssl.py script to generate self-signed certificates for local clusters.

  • [web sample] Fixed browser console errors in samples.

  • [web sample] Annotations are displayed properly when changing cube’s color.

  • [web sample] Improved support of SSL for any embedded service.

  • [web sample] Fixed the cache issue that triggered the ‘No Composition Data found’ warning in the console.

  • [web api] Converted the genvidClient.IDataFrame.timeCode into milliseconds.

  • [nomad] Updated Nomad version to 0.12.

  • [directx cube sample] Changed documentation describing cube DirectX build.

  • [ue4] Fixed deprecated property warning in Unreal sample build.

  • [ue4 cube sample] Fixed script exception when a bad version argument is used on ue4.py build.

  • [ue4 cube sample] Fixed an occasional cooking failure when the GenvidEditor has an HTTP request in process.

  • [ut4 sample] Fixed an issue preventing the UT4 sample from running on AWS instances.

  • [web sample] Added the missing /health entry point for Twitch support in the Cube and Unreal Tournament web samples.

  • [terraform] Added consistent usage of terraform workdir folder to download modules when Init and ImportModule are invoked.

  • [ut4] Support for SSL streaming on cloud alb_ssl cluster.

  • [genvid-ami] URL for vb-audio driver is now using https and use an official link.

  • [installer] Added Git installation to the installer since it is now required to download the required standard Terraform modules.

  • [bastion-ui] Fixed issue with scrolling in the Terraform config page when there are many clusters.

  • [tick] Updated Chronograf version to

  • [tick] Sorted keys for exported dashboards to make them easier to merge.

  • [rootd] Fixed an issue so the system now resumes sending data if rootd crashes and reboots.