Major changes in this version

Studio now supports synchronisation between multiple windows

You can now open multiple windows of our Studio application, giving you control of your stream from multiple devices.

New composition module: Chroma Key Filter

We added a new filter to our composition toolbox: The Chroma Key Filter–better known as the green-screen special effect. Integrate yourself or any other video directly into the scene with this new component.

Direct sound capture with integration in the Unity plugin

We added the ability to submit sound directly into the SDK instead of using auto-capture on the speaker device. This feature avoids the previous problem of external sounds being included in your stream. We already use it as our default setup in our Unity3D sample. Expect other integrations to come soon.

Unreal Engine Viewport capture

We added the ability to capture from any UTexture in Unreal Engine. This new feature has better support for streaming from the different Play Modes (PIE, Standalone, and Simulate) and also lets you select what is currently streaming while preserving the full display on screen.

More cluster settings management in Cluster-UI

We added the ability to manage your job and log definitions directly from the UI.

New APIs for easier cluster configuration

We added a number of improvements to our Bastion API.

You can now configure your remote storage backend for Terraform easily by choosing from the multiple configurations already available with Terraform.

We also now support managing Terraform modules from many remote source, like a web server, S3 buckets, or source-code management websites like GitHub or Bitbucket.

You can manage new modules either via script or directly from the UI.

New bug-reporting tool

We added a new bug-reporting tool which lets you capture the most important logs and settings from your installation. This is an early version of the tool and we hope it improves our ability to help you when problems arise.

Minor changes and other fixes

  • [bastion-api] Enforce cluster states on cluster deletion and add a force option to override.

  • [genvid-bastion] Cleaner management of the bastion using the new install and uninstall commands.

  • [unity] Add support for Unity3D version 2017.02 in our Unity3D sample.

  • [studio] The 404 (page is not found) error on the Studio link in the job browser page is fixed.

  • [sdk] A rarely occuring bug where the video would go back to a previous frame before continuing with the right frame sequence has been fixed.

  • [sdk] A rarely occuring bug where the frame grabber would allocate frames without limit when the game window is minimised has been fixed.

  • [genvid-ami] An error during genvid-ami setup could forbid restarting the setup. We now try to recover where we were left off.

  • [bastion-api] Add new log URL to retrieve a single log: /v1/terraform/instance/{instanceId}/command/{commandId}

  • [genvid-sdk] Allow image uploading to a custom bucket. The script is also more intelligent about only uploading images that require it.

  • [standalone-player] Better performance for the standalone player with Firefox.

  • [ue4 plugins] Fixed some troubles with the interface refresh when trying to make some modifications to the settings.

  • [engine plugins] Improvements made to the cluster-management interface.

  • [cluster-api] Fixed a bug that caused small log files to stall when retrieved.

  • [compose] Fixed a crash in compose when accessing Consul settings.