Major changes in this version

Genvid-UI split in 3

Genvid-UI is now 3 services. The cluster-api service allow to manage a specific cluster, the bastion-api manage access to the cluster, as well as the creation and destruction of new clusters, and the genvid-ui provide the frontend for both services, like the original one. Takes notes that the interface for those services are still in beta and likely to change in the future.

New SDK version for Unity Plugin

The Genvid SDK is now using a different method to integrate the Genvid SDK that is less code heavy and even easier to use. We are now using a C# wrapper for the Genvid SDK which allow compatibility with other C# sharp application. GenvidPlugin is now only used for the video capture of the Unity application. Please consult the Unity Sample Integration page for more details on the files and how to do the proper integration.

Simplified Web SDK integration for Unity sample along with exhaustive documentation

The Unity sample web page is using less files for a simplified project structure and we created detailed documentation on each section for each files. The Genvid Web SDK integration information available in this page is compatible with most project and we strongly recommend to take a look at it if you are unsure on how to do your Genvid Web SDK integration. Look it up in the Web Sample.

Minor changes and other fixes

  • [sdk] Add support for NV12 texture buffer format.

  • [sdk] Fix support for sending arbitrary video frame format.

  • [project] You can now add your template links for Genvid UI in your

    Genvid Project.

  • [toolbox] The python toolbox now validate the settings with the cluster api.

  • [toolbox] The python toolbox now used the cluster API for opening links.

  • [toolbox] local.py open now returns the list of links.

  • [toolbox] Better check for valid DNS addresses on Windows.

  • [toolbox] Genvid-UI can set the log level.

  • [toolbox] The list of logs can now be managed by cluster-api.

  • [toolbox] Bring back logs in DockerToobox.build_docker()

  • [toolbox] static_binding now used GENVID_STATIC_BINDING environment.

  • [data streams] Websocket streams now suppport compression.

  • [documentation] Add a section on how to add a new game.

  • [documentation] Fix some typos in the list of stream parameters (video.source.id3d11texture2d).

  • [cloud] Add support for AWS availability zone of the game instance.