Major changes in this version

Use of a proper installer

We’ve switched from a Zip archive to a proper installer.

Unification of the local script

In prevision of the cloud support, ut4.py and tutorial.py were replaced with a single script, local.py that handle both. See the Quick Tour Guide section to learn more about it.

New options for logs

With the upgrade to Nomad 0.5.1, we now have new options for following logs and getting only their tails. The nomad-ui (now called Hashi UI) interface is now able to properly check the files in the job.

Annotations and notifications support

This is the first version of the Genvid SDK providing support for annotations (punctual game events) and notifications (immediate message passing).

Commands channel

This is the first version of the Genvid SDK providing support for commands. A command can be sent from an application to the game through this channel. A new admin page is available in the tutorial sample to demonstrate this feature.

Audio support

This is the first release with audio capture and streaming. While it is off by default, it can be activated by setting genvid.encode.input.silent = false in your config file. Keep in mind that UE4 silences audio when the application is in background.

Deprecated Genvid_Connect()/Genvid_Disconnect()

Due to internal design changes, we have removed the Genvid_Connect() and Genvid_Disconnect() calls from the Native SDK. Connection to the Genvid Services is now done in Genvid_Initialize().

Changes to the Genvid_setParameter*()/Genvid_getParameter*() routines

The setParameteri() was renamed to setParameterInt(), the setParameterf() to setParameterFloat(), and setParameterp() to setParameterPointer(). The same changes were made to the getParameter*() counterparts. A new getParameterUTF8() routine was created to retrieve values as string. The various getParameter*() routines can now retrieve system values from the Consul key:value store by specifying "genvid.kv" as the stream id.

Cloud deployment support in beta

This version contains a beta version of our support for deployment on AWS. Note that support for this is available as a complement package Genvid SDK Cloud Solution, at the same location as this current SDK.

Bugs fixed in this version

Nomad-ui is now able to display logs and other files.

Thanks to the upgrade to Nomad 0.5.1, nomad-ui (now Hashi UI) can now correctly display the content of the allocation directory.

Spaces are now allowed in the binary paths

Due to a strict validation rule in Nomad, we couldn’t support spaces when specifying the path of the executables used in jobs. They fixed it, so thanks a lot to the wonderful team behind it! Now, don’t forget to put the arguments at the right place!

Fixed huge memory consumption in Native SDK

When the Native SDK would lose connection with services, it would queue up video frames and fill up virtual memory space very quickly, leading to an unresponsive system. The new behavior limits the total RAM usage, but might lead to dropped frames.