Major changes in this version

External binaries updated

Most of Hashicorp and related binaries have been updated to their more recent versions. You are invited to check their changelogs if you are using them directly.

Hashi UI has also been updated to version v0.25.0.

Genvid Terraform Modules Refactoring

Terraform Modules have been reworked to be more configurable and composable. That way, you can customize the clusters through Terraform variables and join them together reusing components. Check “Terraform Configuration” in the documentation for more information.

Minor changes and other fixes

  • [native-sdk] Capture audio silence when the audio device is stopped.

  • [sdk] The ID of the default audio endpoint, if any is available, will be mentioned in the log.

  • [sdk] Fixed problems with WASAPI silence and discontinued audio samples.

  • [bastion-api] Added a new Terraform endpoint which lets you apply a specific plan.

  • [consul] The new Consul version should fix some socket leaks that were making Consul unresponsive when some services were down.

  • [toolbox] Fixed error in toolbox script when using GENVID_BASTION_URL without a local bastion.

  • [toolbox] Changed the default S3 bucket and repository to upload from {AccountID}-{bastionID}-{clusterID}-images/ to {AccountID}-{bastionID}; SDK images are now versioned under /images/SDK-{version} and the default path for other images are under /images/custom.

  • [toolbox] Enforce the presence of a Bastion ID in the genvid-bastion install command.

  • [toolbox] Removed the source parameter from the genvid-cluster global-update command and related API.

  • [toolbox] A new limited backup command is now available in genvid-bastion, mainly for helping upgrading to the new version of Consul.

  • [terraform] Removed variable images_bucket in genvid/aws module that wasn’t used anymore.

  • [terraform] AWS Resources are now tagged appropriately so that they can be easily found in the AWS Console searching by tags. New Terraform variables have been added to group them by namespace and stage.

  • [services] Http requests to the compose service and discod return a status 403 instead of a status 500 when the authentication fails.

  • [services] Fixed a default value for NTP server that was still pointing to us.pool.ntp.org.

  • [composed] Fixed a rare crash in the compose service due to a null pointer exception in the health service.

  • [composed] Fixed stream delay problems that were dropping some audio samples.

  • [gvencode] Fixed concurrency problems with audio/video synchronization (YouTube and standalone).

  • [gvencode] Does not flood the log with switching errors anymore.

  • [standalone player] A play button is displayed over the video if the video is not started.

  • [standalone player] The onPlayerReady callback is called earlier in the initialization process.

  • [cluster-ui] Fixed too many http connections when cluster is DOWN.

  • [cluster-ui] Fixed a fake warning about data not being up to date with server, occurring when editing jobs.

  • [cluster-ui] A better feedback is given when a config key/value has changed in the Settings/Config dialog.

  • [bastion-ui] The Terraform workflow is enforced by the UI.

  • [bastion-ui] The module list now filters the modules that support cluster API by default.

  • [bastion-ui] The module list takes less bandwidth.

  • [bastion-ui] Fixed html cache problem when upgrading.

  • [ue4-plugin] Fixed a bug when multibyte characters are used with game data, annotation, or notification. The system was wrongly calculating the quantity of bytes to send which could result in truncated data at arrival.

  • [ue4-plugin] Added an option to allow events and commands replication.

  • [tutorial] The sample will now exit should the initialization of the SDK fail.

  • [studio] Lower latency for the monitor.

  • [studio] Now the new composition is shown in preview when a new one is selected.