Major changes in this version

Reduced transport bandwidth in data pipeline

By using a binary format and removing many duplicate packages, while still preserving the guarantee of the latest data frame being available, we have greatly reduced the bandwidth usage between the server and the web client, which should improve the experience of the viewer with low bandwidth connection, especially at the start of the connection.

Revamped Cluster-UI

The Cluster-UI is our latest UI to have been moved to the Material style. We also made the following changes:

  • Additional colour codes and icons to indicate the Config sync status

  • Cluster-UI and Bastion-UI now use different colors for improved identity

Minor changes and other fixes

  • [python] We upgraded our Python installer from 3.5.3 to 3.5.4. This release contains some security and bug fixes for Windows. We recommend to upgrade from https://www.python.org/downloads/release/python-354/

  • [nodejs] We upgraded our Node.js installer from 6.9.1 to 8.11.3 LTS. This version of Node.js contains important security fixes. We recommend you to upgrade from https://nodejs.org/en/download/.

  • [bastion-api] Added linksdef API to Bastion API.

  • [bastion-api] Added linksdef edit page on Bastion-UI and its link bar in jobs page.

  • [bastion-api] Fixed retrieval of Consul-UI link address in Bastion API (the Consul-UI page wouldn’t open because the link address was empty).

  • [bastion-api] Infrastructure/Terraform: It is no longer possible to apply a plan that has failed.

  • [nomad] The Nomad policies and roles are now set during the genvid-sdk setup from the local directory instead of the Terraform directory during the provisioning.

  • [vault] We now expose Vault-UI by default.

  • [vault] Vault’s root token and keys are saved in the Bastion’s Vault instead of the server. NOTE: This increases security but will require that you re-run genvid-sdk setup if the server reboots.

  • [toolbox] Fixed a problem with NetworkTool.get_external_ip sometimes returning an invalid value (usually, creating an invalid trusted_cidr value in the global Terraform variables. We now use https://checkip.amazonaws.com by default, which can be set using NetworkTool.CHECKIP_URL.

  • [toolbox] Added a --reconfigure option to genvid-bastion install to override the current services’ configuration.

  • [toolbox] genvid.toolbox.ConsulTool.get_service now only returns services having the “passing” state. You can set the passing argument to false to get the previous behaviour.

  • [composed] Fixed a memory leak which occured when we were composing with multiple sources.

  • [youtube player] The data is now in sync when the viewer opens a web view.

  • [studio] Fixed a problem with audio mixer. The mixer always used the audio source source-0, regardless of the selected source.

  • [studio] The monitor’s latency was reduced to 300 ms.

  • [documentation] Added missing documentation about “wait command” endpoint.

  • [samples] For easier development, all samples now default to the same default values for GENVID_DISCO_SECRET and GENVID_COMMAND_SECRET. It is still strongly recommended to modify those values before running on an exposed network.

  • [unity sample] Fixed a bug happening upon termination.

  • [ue4 cube sample] Fixed an autoplay issue that caused an overlay to not be displayed.

  • [ut4 sample] Cheers no longer changes the camera when not in player follow mode.

  • [unity prefab] Fixed an issue that prevented automatic capture to work.