Major Changes in This Version

Twitch Extension Sample

The Genvid SDK now supports the Twitch Extension Developer Rig. See the Twitch Extension Development Sample documentation for full information on how to set up your development environment to use the rig.

Terraform Providers

The Genvid SDK now supports customization of Terraform providers (https://www.terraform.io/docs/providers/). Providers are responsible for understanding API interactions and exposing resources to Terraform. With this new feature, you can now configure provider settings and set specific versions for providers you want to use. Read the Cloud Environment Guide and the Terraform Providers section of Using Clusters in the Genvid SDK documentation for details on using this feature.

Minor changes and other fixes

  • [bastion-ui] Error no longer displays when clicking the browser back-button while in Terraform settings.

  • [cluster-ui] Users can now see a list in Cluster-UI of all the S3 images that a cluster is using.

  • [cluster-ui] Added a spinner to indicate loading while waiting for a stream to start.

  • [nats] Upgraded NATS Server to version 2.0.4.

  • [nats] NATS is now started as a standalone service that isn’t shown in the Cluster-UI Jobs page.

  • [nats] The Genvid SDK is more resilient to eventual NATS failures.

  • [studio] Transitions now queue instead of being discarded when busy.

  • [studio] Fixed error message from audio-mixer when moving in and out of editing dashboard.

  • [terraform] Users can now initialize a plan using the ‘INIT’ button on the Terraform command page without having to re-import the module.

  • [terraform] Fixed support for Boolean in Terraform settings.

  • [toolbox] Reordered health check by severity.

  • [toolbox] Added filtering to genvid-clusters command.

  • [toolbox] Added BastionAPI.terraform_regenerate_instance which allows regenerating the Terraform working directory for a specific instance.

  • [toolbox] The SDK now generates a UUID with every new cluster used in the backend configuration to create unique path. This helps avoid name clashes when creating new clusters with the same name as previous clusters using backends like S3.

  • [toolbox] Fixed a bug where genvid-sdk upload-images required a cluster to be running to work.

  • [toolbox] upload_images* methods in sdk.py now default to not updating the configuration in all cases for a more consistent behavior.

  • [toolbox] Added a update_images_config method in sdk.py to update the images configuration of a cluster.

  • [toolbox] Introduced a new GENVID_VERBOSE_EXCEPTIONS environment variable which makes the toolbox print the full stack trace when an exception is raised.

  • [toolbox] Added a genvid-sdk package command to ZIP files and folders.

  • [toolbox] Added a genvid-sdk docker-package command to package the Docker image.

  • [toolbox] Improved stability of the toolbox genvid-bastion install command to prevent failover race-conditions.

  • [toolbox] Fixed Terraform init function when loading for the first time on a cloned cluster.

  • [ue4] Saving the settings multiple times in a row no longer opens multiple success messages.

  • [vault] Fixed Vault initialization when there is more than one Vault instance.