Who is the Genvid MILE SDK for?

The Genvid MILE SDK is for developers who want to create the next generation of interactive streaming experience: a MILE. It might be a game, a TV show, a music festival or an exhibit – the only limit is your imagination.

Where do I start?

The first step is to download the Genvid MILE SDK. Watch our video tutorial on Genvid MILE SDK installation here, then run the provided samples with the game engine of your choice by following or sample documentation.

Where can I get help?

You can find much more information in our documentation, or get in touch via the contact section, or join our developer Discord.


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Genvid Toolbox

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  • What does the Genvid MILE SDK do?

    The Genvid MILE SDK is for creating and running massively interactive live events, or MILEs, enabling complex and meaningful interactive livestreams with huge audiences on any video-capable connected device.  We have created a simple-to-use middleware, flexible enough to run on any streaming platform and infrastructure.

  • How much does the Genvid MILE SDK cost to use?

    This depends on your needs and required number of users. There is typically a low flat fee of cents per unique user, though there is also the possibility of tailoring a business model to your needs. Please get in touch with the Genvid team to discuss the details via our support page.

  • How difficult is it to integrate the Genvid MILE SDK?

    Integrating Genvid is very fast. If you use UE4 or Unity, you can drop in our plugin and get streaming instantly. Proprietary engines are similarly quick to get started, with some working in mere minutes, leaving you free to focus on the creative aspects of your MILE.

  • Do I need to put Genvid in my user client?

    Only if you want viewers the ability to directly affect the player’s gameplay, like viewers sending gifts to players. Otherwise, Genvid can exist in a separate branch of your spectator mode builds without needing to be maintained in your user builds.

    Please note that Genvid is not intended for your viewers to stream from.

  • Do I have to use a particular infrastructure provider?

    No, you can run the Genvid SDK on any infrastructure that you would like. We offer tools for AWS and Azure, since they are in-demand by many developers, and are happy to provide tools for other infrastructure providers if you would like to request them.


    Genvid also offers Docker containers to allow you to easily deploy on your servers of choice. Please note that you typically need at least one server with a GPU and Windows to run the game executable, but if your game executable has a linux version or is not graphically intensive you may be able to eliminate this need.

  • Does Genvid work with mobile games or on mobile devices?

    Genvid can easily work with mobile games, particularly those built with Unity. Several of our developers are mobile software creators who compiled a DX11 build of their game through the Unity editor and are using that as the Genvid broadcast build.

    With regard to running on mobile devices, we work by default in-browser on Android. You can also use Genvid to stream video into your app and allow for interactions over that video.

  • Where can I get advice on how to make a MILE?

    You can find more information in the Genvid documentation, on AnswerHub, or by getting in touch at [email protected]. Otherwise, please feel free to join the developer Discord here and become part of our growing community of MILEs developers.