Major changes in this version

Genvid Studio Update

You can now customize the Genvid Studio UI using our new dashboard support. We also added new visual effects for dissolve and fade in/out video transitions with linear and accelerate-decelerate timed interpolators.

Experimental Support for Twitch

We added prototype support for Twitch and Twitch Extension. This implementation has several issues, including a lack of precision in the synchronization.

See “Streaming Services” section for more information.

New Unity Prefab Sample

Based on the feedback of our users, we decided to refresh our prefabs in the Unity Sample and removed the old ones. You should still be able to use the code from previous SDK but we hope that you will find the new approach more usable.

Minor changes and other fixes

  • [sdk] Fixed a lock that could sometimes lead to long video submission times.

  • [sdk] Fixed an exception when using the BGRA8 pixel format.

  • [sdk] Some fixes related to the tutorial raw capture sample.

  • [sdk c#] Fixed an error for converting a timecode value.

  • [sdk c#] Added the method SubmitVideoData to perform raw video capture and dxswapchain capture without the GenvidPlugin.dll.

  • [sdk c#] Downgraded the Newtonsoft.dll version to 8.0.3 to be compatible with the JSON .NET For Unity plugin.

  • [sdk c#] Add AssemblyInfo for both GenvidSDKCSharp and GenvidRESTCSharp DLL.

  • [web] Initialized the IGenvidClient.clientSteamMS in the constructor to avoid undefined variables.

  • [web] Fixed synchronization issue on genvid client. onDraw stopped to miss some data frames.

  • [web] Fixed an issue preventing the successive instantiation of GenvidClient using YouTube player.

  • [web] Fixed an issue where a wrong timecode was sent in the onDraw callback.

  • [cluster-api] Added help pages for the web API.

  • [cluster-api] Fixed the events json schema not accepting the $and and $or conditions.

  • [cluster-api] New API to start and stop all jobs. /v1/jobs/startall and /jobs/stopall.

  • [cluster-api] Disallow edition of the jobs definitions if a job is running.

  • [bastion-api] Fixed backend editable fields.

  • [bastion-api] Fixed support for Terraform S3 backend when state is empty.

  • [bastion-api] Added force parameter to terraform/init and terraform/importmodule to circumvent runtime errors during initialization.

  • [bastion-ui] Added busy indicators when loading content.

  • [toolbox] genvid-sdk upload-images and upload-images-sdk configuration (option -u) aren’t update correctly when used with custom bucket and path (-b and -p options).

  • [toolbox] New environment variable. GENVID_BASTION_URL can be used to connect to a remote bastion.

  • [toolbox] Method genvid.toolbox.Clusters.repository_update_repository is renamed repository_update to fit with genvid-clusters repository-update command.

  • [terraform] The scripts of the game/aws module now configure the services directory on the Z: drive.

  • [terraform modules] There is a new variable trusted_cidrs for security groups to allow more than one trusted IP range.

  • [services] Fixed a timecode overflow when its value is bigger then 2**31.

  • [services] Now the initial log level is set at the default log level for the compose and gvencode services.

  • [composed] Added log when a stream is ended.

  • [composed] Added stream type info in the health check status.

  • [gvencode] Added non stop to stream server filter. This fix a problem during inter-matches in the UT4 sample.

  • [gvencode] Fixed TS field format in burn-in timecode.

  • [gvencode] Fixed a video frame copy when their pitches are different.

  • [rtmsp] Fixed a problem with a partial header read.

  • [rootd] Added a missing field (SessionId) in the annotation stream

  • [leafd] Added preliminary support for WSS on the leafd.

  • [vault] Updated Vault to 0.9.1 to fix a memory leak in server.

  • [ui] Updated Cluster-UI, Bastion-UI and studio web sites to angular5.

  • [bugreport] Fixed a freeze when we create a bugreport and jobs run.

  • [ue4 plugin] Fixed a problem in the video capture (swapchain mode). it constantly reset the texture and can potentially cause trouble with the video stream.

  • [ue4 plugin] Added a command line option to override the GenvidStreamer tick rate.

  • [ue4 plugin] Added a stream report on skipped stream data

  • [samples] Fixed the web scripts for building so they can run outside the installation directory.

  • [tutorial] Outdated raw capture sample fixed.

  • [ut4 sample] Removed unused variables in ut4_engage.ts (fixing a ts_lint error).

  • [ut4 sample] Fixed a crash when the player state is null.

  • [ut4 sample] Fixed a crash when a character has no capsule component.

  • [ut4 sample] Filled new information in the Player info structure (Health, WeaponName, IsDead).

  • [ut4 sample] Updated Player location error handling.

  • [ut4 sample] Fixed a problem with the game data update rate.

  • [ut4 sample] Fixed a rare crash when a match has started.

  • [documentation] Audio format enum values explicited in the list of the main stream parameters. in GenvidStreamer class.