Major Fixes and Changes

Clean Install

We fixed an issue where the error message A setup package is either missing or damaged appeared when installing on computers not already having the Microsoft Visual C++ Build Tools 2015 installed.

Minor Changes and Other Fixes

  • [documentation] Improved search results by decreasing the importance of release and upgrade notes pages.

  • [documentation] Corrected an invalid path in the UT4 cloud documentation which prevented the project from building.

  • [toolbox] Improved the genvid-azure-image tool’s create-images command by having it delete intermediate Image resources and imported VHD blobs after it completes. Use the new option --keep-intermediate-resources to skip this new step and keep these intermediate resources.

  • [toolbox] Improved the genvid-azure-image tool’s create-images command by enabling it to work with private blob storage containers that are accessible from the currently logged-in Azure CLI subscription.

  • [toolbox] Improved genvid-bastion by loading the configuration from the content of the GENVID_BASTION_CONFIG_FOLDER.

  • [toolbox] Added GENVID_BASTION_CONFIG_FOLDER and GENVID_BASTION_JOB_TEMPLATE_FOLDER environment variables to configure where the genvid-bastion command finds its job configuration. The member genvid.toolbox.RuntimeTool.template_dir is now deprecated in favor of GENVID_BASTION_JOB_TEMPLATE_FOLDER.

  • [toolbox] Added the ability to load the configuration from a folder to genvid-sdk load-config-sdk. We created a new folder {ROOTDIR}/local-services and moved the local services.nomad.tmpl from {ROOTDIR}/bastion-services/templates to {ROOTDIR}/local-services/templates.

  • [toolbox] Improved genvid-sdk -c {clusterid} setup by loading the configuration from the folder ROOTDIR/cloud-services/setup.

  • [toolbox] Improved remote cluster initial setup by adding the logs to the cluster configuration.

  • [toolbox] Moved the SDK.update_config method down to the ProjectTool base class to improve availability. The signature of the method has also changed. See the Upgrade Notes for more information.

  • [toolbox] Added genvid-sdk env commands which do the same as their genvid-bastion equivalent commands.

  • [toolbox] Added genvid-sdk cluster-version to display the version of the Cluster API managing the cluster. (Formerly the function of genvid-sdk version, which now returns the version of the Toolbox.)

  • [composed] Fixed an issue where a crash can occur when loosing game connection.

  • [gvencode] Fixed an issue where the system would crash when given a bogus channel or key in ClusterUI.

  • [gvencode] Fixed an issue where an invalid value is passed to the video configuration when no codec is defined in the template.

  • [gvencode] Fixed a network issue where too many calls to Cluster API Health were blocking the connection between composeD an GVencode.

  • [studio] Fixed an issue where the dropdown menu of the video mixer’s source field goes blank when the user edits the name of a scene.

  • [cube-sample] Fixed an issue where the DirectX sample generated warnings when compiling.

  • [bastion-api] Improved Cluster’s Setup Jobs templates by passing the CLUSTER_ID in the rendering environment.

  • [nats] Corrected name of nats-window package to be nats-windows and using the NATS version for tagging it. This also affects the job, task, and log names.

  • [nats] Merged the nats-windows task into the nats job on the cloud.

  • [nats] Fixed an issue where the NATS servers were always reloading the configuration file, possibly leading to crash.

  • [nats] Improved NATS Linux by synchronizing with the NATS Windows version.

  • [cluster-ui] Fixed an issue where the services/leaf/compression field was showing an empty choice in addition to true and false.

  • [cluster-ui, bastion-ui] Fixed an issue where a Page not found error is displayed when the user accesses the documentation link in the UI.