Major changes in this version

Web API for multiple streams

The arrival of the composition feature in the previous release require a new way to handle your data if you have more than one source of data. Go see our Website Integration section for more details.

Genvid-UI replaced by Bastion-UI and Cluster-UI

The genvid-ui service does not exist anymore. This web site has been redistributed to bastion-api and cluster-api.

Genvid Studio is now a sample

With the separation of the website, the Compose page have now gains it’s own web server and a sample to help with its configuration. While still on preview, this setup will allow us to better evolved this service. Get a look at it in the Genvid Studio Service section.

New RTMP Ingest server

Based on our gvencode engine, the RTMP Ingest server allows use to ingest an RTMP source into your Genvid Broadcast. This will allow to easily add a webcam or screen share screen to any of your broadcast, and use Genvid Studio to edit and modify your live stream in direct. Go check our Genvid Ingest sample to get more information.

New Metrics feed

We start exposing some internal metrics through the statsd protocol, and even provide a sample to show how to integrate it with TICK, the OpenSource Time Series Platform. You will find all the information under the Metrics section and the TICK Integration sample.

Standalone streaming service

This feature now allows the developer to broadcast a stream locally without having to rely on a third party streaming service such as Twitch or Youtube. It is therefore not required to have a YouTube or a Twitch account configured anymore. Note that this feature only works with Chrome 59+ at the moment.

Video capture by camera without any HUD in Unity

We updated the Unity3D sample to show video capture with a rendering texture. This allows capturing directly from a camera feed without displaying the application HUD.

Minor changes and other fixes

  • [services] Upgrade Vault to version 0.8.1. This change requires an update of the server AMI.

  • [openapi/sdk] Port of all REST API to the GenvidRESTCSharp wrapper.

  • [toolbox] Fix argument passing for genvid-bastion log command.

  • [toolbox] Allow to run a genvid-ami setup on an already created cluster.

  • [toolbox] Fix a bug where ConsulTool.get_service can return an empty list when a service is search with a tag. This bug was creating a race condition on vault initialization.

  • [toolbox] Add the genvid-ami list to list available AMIs.

  • [openapi] Fix type of the LogData.logLevel definition in the REST API.

  • [sdk] Added the capacity to select the audio device using the GENVID_AUDIO_DEVICE environment variable. This change requires an update of the wingame AMI.

  • [composed] Improve synchronization of audio/video/data.

  • [services] Add frame grouping and session name in the composition pipeline.

  • [genvid-ui] A new section of the settings UI allows the edition, creation and deletion of links definition.

  • [cluster-api] A new endpoint GET -> ‘/linksdef/{linkID}’ allows the user to get one link definition.

  • [sdk] The deprecated IDataFrame.timeCode in the IGenvidClient.onDraw callback is now set to the capture time of the data like previously instead of the composition time.