Major Fixes and Changes

Unreal Engine 5 Support

The Genvid MILE SDK now officially supports Unreal Engine 5.0.

Minor Changes and Other Fixes

  • [documentation] Corrected the description for GenvidEvent to refer to ‘event’, rather than ‘stream’ or ‘data stream’.

  • [sdk] Fixed an issue where data and video resource management led to video stuttering.

  • [sdk] Fixed a network communication issue where sending frames on a socket would generate errors, leading to reconnection issues and video stuttering.

  • [sdk] Added the reason tag to genvid.sdk.framedropped to differentiate why a frame was dropped.

  • [sdk] Added the genvid.sdk.videocapturetime_* and genvid.sdk.videocapturepending metrics to observe the efficiency of the automated video capture.

  • [sdk] Updated an undocumented metric to prevent it from causing genvid.sdk.framesent to show incorrect results. The newly-named and documented metric is called genvid.sdk.frameaccepted.

  • [sdk] Fixed an issue where the SDK would not reconnect to Composed following a Composed restart.

  • [web-sdk] Fixed a path issue for types in .tgz files.

  • [web-sdk] Fixed an issue preventing the web client from loading the video player.

  • [toolbox] Fixed an issue where the game server image didn’t reset its IP when restarted after being stopped.

  • [toolbox] Added create-docker-machine to genvid-ami for creating a Docker host using the Genvidtech Server AMI.

  • [toolbox] Fixed an issue where genvid-clusters was always returning an error when called on certain commands.

  • [toolbox] Fixed an issue where nomad was having too many open files when logs and status were accessed frequently. Incremented the open file limit in the Systemd service file for Nomad.

  • [ue-plugin] Fixed an issue where the default base path was ignored when handling REST requests.

  • [ue-plugin] Fixed an issue where the Bastion Jobs API was being used instead of the Cluster Jobs API.

  • [ue-plugin] Removed the unused member GenvidClientTool.BastionClustersApiClientCluster.

  • [unity-plugin] Added the command-line argument -DisableVideoDataSubmissionThrottling, which improves video streaming for games with fluctuating framerates.

  • [unity-plugin] Removed base-path configuration support from the C# REST DLL to prevent confusion between the base path and base URL. See the Upgrade Notes for more information.

  • [aws] Fixed an issue causing the ephemeral drive to not be properly formatted on a game machine.

  • [azure] Fixed an issue where Terraform would throw an error when some instance-type counts were set to 0 in Azure.

  • [bastion] Fixed an issue where the base path was incorrectly set when users accessed the Bastion API Help pages.

  • [hashi-ui] Fixed an issue where the wrong path was selected when doing a health check for Hashi UI.