Major changes in this version

Unity editor SDK support

Once the stack is started, it is possible to simply use play and stop within the Unity editor. During play, the video, audio and data are streamed properly via the SDK and it is possible to see the results on the webpage directly.

C# Binding for the Cluster API

We have create a C# binding for the Cluster API and integrate it in Unity. You can now start and stop the services as well as open the Genvid UI interface directly from Unity. Expect more features to come soon!

New Genvid Plugin for Unreal Engine 4

We provide a new Unreal Engine 4 plugin, which now exposes the Genvid SDK using Blueprint components, and is less invasive to your code than the previous integration was. Note that, if your upgrading from a previous revision, the old integration is still working with the new Genvid.dll. So, you can either simply update the Genvid DLL or use our new Blueprint interface.

Backgroud handling of connections in the SDK

Although not apparent to the user, we have make our services and SDK far more robust to disconnection and interruption. Particularly, the SDK handle all the connections to the services in background, including access to the configuration. That’s mean that you can now run the game without having the services running, and Genvid_Initialize will no longer block waiting for a connection. Some API however, like could now fail with GenvidStatus_Disconnected error. Although the stream is interrupted during the disconnection, we are still keeping the latest data for each data streams. Subscriptions will be kept, although not receiving anything, but Annotations and Notifications are dropped. Except for the interruption, this should ensure a smooth experience to your viewers once the stream is re-established.

Minor changes and other fixes

  • [ut4] Update Unreal Tournament to May 16th 2017 Release.

  • [cloud] Docker images that have a version number matching DockerTool.RE_DIRTY_VERSION (by default latest, dev, or anything ending with [.+]dirty), are now forced pull to ensure the latest is actually used, even if the version has not changed. See the nomad template for the web job for an example on how to use it.

  • Fix a missing comma in Json serialization of the Unity sample.

  • Add GENVID_TOOLBOX_LOGLEVEL environment variable to set the logging level of the scripts.

  • AWS servers now correctly update their external ip address on restart.

  • [tools] Update docker-machine to v0.12.2; Fix creation of AMI on AWS.