Upgrade from 1.7.0 to 1.8.0

Upgrade GenvidRESTCSharp.dll and the Unity Editor Plugin

The GenvidRESTCSharp.dll have seen some major changes due to the amount of new API integrate. The previous was very small so the amount of work is small:

  • Genvid.jobs and Genvid.links have been replaced with two global namespaces: Genvid.Api where you will find all the API clients, and Genvid.Model, where you will find all the data models used by the API. This last one is divided in two sub-namespaces for now: Genvid.Model.Cluster and Genvid.Model.Bastion. All the previous models are under the first one.

So, in summary, replace the following strings in your code:

  • Replace Genvid.jobs.model. with Genvid.Model.Cluster.
  • Replace Genvid.links.model. with Genvid.Model.Cluster.
  • Replace the remaining Genvid.jobs. with Genvid.Api.
  • Replace the remaining Genvid.links. with Genvid.Api.

The GENVID_AUDIO_DEVICE environment variable has been added, the string it holds defines what audio device should be used. It is not defined by default in local mode, but is defined to “CABLE Input” in cloud configuration as this is what will most likely be used. If the specified device cannot be found then the default audio endpoint will be used.

Enjoy our new functionalities !