Upgrade from 1.16.0 to 1.17.0

Deprecation of CommonJS distribution of the Web API

In this release, we decided to bundle all our distributions of the Web API. With this last change, no difference exists anymore between the browser version and the CommonJS version. You now can simply change the path from file:commonjs to file:browser.

Bundling of the Node version of the Web API

The Node version is now bundled in a single file. This could lead to some problem if you were used to import individual module. Instead, we decided to export all symbols under the genvid namespace.

UE4 Genvid Module

The Unreal Engine 4 Genvid Module is now compatible with Unreal Engine version 4.20.1.

While it’s not mandatory to update to the last version, we recommend that you migrate your code to the new version.


If you choose to not update to the last version, you can only update your Genvid library GenvidPlugin/ThirdParty/GenvidSDK/win 32|64 /genvid.dll to the 1.17.0 version. to use the last SDK.

How to upgrade to 1.17.0

Some explanation

The changes are minimal. A few functions related to Blueprints events has been renamed to allow the compatibility with the Unreal Engine 4.20.1:

  • ReceiveEndPlay into InternalReceiveEndPlay
  • ReceiveTick into InternalReceiveTick
  • ReceiveEndPlay into InternalReceiveEndPlay
The concerned classes are:


Normally, the migration should be easy and will be done without any problems depending on the Blueprint events you are using.

The Unreal Engine will be able to recognize all the renamed function and link them automatically with your blueprint events.

If your Blueprint classes contain the Tick Event, you may have to relink the DeltaSeconds argument.