Upgrade from 1.9.0 to 1.10.0

Using the genvid-bastion

Although we are still supporting the old setup and clean for genvid-bastion, we are now providing safer alternatives:

  • uninstall: Shutdown the bastion services without cleaning the data folder.
  • install: Install the services without changing the configuration.

Both commands support an option to get back the old behaviour:

  • uninstall –clean: Remove the data folder after stopping the bastion services.
  • install –checkmodules: Install new modules if none are present and update them.

The command reinstall is now following the new behaviour, calling uninstall and install in turn, and also supports the --clean and --checkmodules arguments to get back the old behaviour.

Managing the images

genvid-sdk upload-images can now upload images to a custom bastion, letting you have a common bucket for all clusters. For this reason, it doesn’t update the configuration automatically: You must now pass the --update-config (or -u) argument. The equivalent commands on the sample scripts are also affected.

To pass the bucket to a cluster, you can use the --bucket and --path options in genvid-sdk setup.

Using the Unity plugin

To support the new audio capture, you need to replace your dll from the plugins folder. We recommend overwriting the plugins folder with the new one available. (If you want to limit the copy process, copy only the Genvid.dll and GenvidRestCSharp.dll file.)

If you are using the prefab, you can always copy over the entire folder. If you would rather do manual copy of only the changes, you need to copy GenvidPrefab/Streams/AudioStream.prefab and GenvidPrefab/Streams/StreamScripts/AudioStream.cs.

You also need to deactivate any other Audio Listener in your scene except the one attached to the Genvid prefab or script using the Genvid SDK.