Genvid SDK 1.32.0 Build 304

Welcome to the Genvid SDK

With the Genvid SDK, you can leverage existing streaming platforms (Twitch, YouTube, etc.) in ways not previously possible. Our technology gives your audience the ability to deeply participate in your broadcasts.

If this is your first time visiting our documentation, we recommend reading through the Introduction section for an overview of the Genvid SDK and where to get started. As a developer, you’ll be able to create better experiences once you understand how the Genvid SDK provides this interactivity and what you have to do to implement it.

Please review the accompanying LICENSE.txt file and make sure you agree to its terms before proceeding.

Main Sections

The basics of how the Genvid SDK works and what it can add to your project and the basics of how it works. Recommended for new users.
Full release notes and information on how to upgrade from older versions.
The Broadcasting Guide covers what you need to know to successfully deploy, monitor, and produce MILEs using the Genvid SDK.
Everything you need to know about preparing for integration and setting up your local environment for development and testing.
Examples of Genvid integrations in DirectX, Unreal Engine, and Unity. Also includes an Unreal Tournament sample and information on updating samples for new versions of the Genvid SDK.
Information on setting up and using the live-service and broadcast tools included with the Genvid SDK.
Detailed reference material for all Genvid SDK APIs, configurations, and Toolbox scripts.
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