Upgrade from 1.30.0 to 1.31.0

genvid-sdk version is renamed genvid-sdk cluster-version.

The command genvid-sdk version is now renamed genvid-sdk cluster-version for more consistency. genvid-sdk version is now returning the version of the genvid-toolbox package instead (the same as genvid-bastion version).

RuntimeTool.template_dir is now deprecated.

template_dir is now deprecated. Use GENVID_BASTION_JOB_TEMPLATE_FOLDER instead.

SDK.update_config has been updated.

The method has been moved down to ProjectTool, and a new argument isLocal has been added, which defaults to True.

nats-window is now nats-windows.

For consistency with the trademark, we’ve renamed nats-window to be nats-windows, along with the associated tasks and log. We also now use the NATS version as the tag instead of the SDK version. Finally, we merged the task itself into a single job, under the nats job.

Unless you are specifically monitoring this image and job, this change should have no impact.

New local-services Folder

We moved ROOTDIR/bastion-services/templates/services.nomad.tmpl to ROOTDIR/local-services/templates/services.nomad.tmpl. The configuration for the local cluster now comes from this folder instead of being hardcoded in genvid-toolbox.