Upgrade from 1.8.0 to 1.9.0

Set up the cluster

With the upgrade to Terraform 0.10, the terraform init calls can now fail. For this reason, we divided the cluster creation in two parts: creation and initialization. Once your cluster is created, you must now call the genvid-clusters terraform-init before calling apply.

Using the cluster API

Now that the Bastion proxies all the API calls to the different services under the clusters, the proxied API calls made to the cluster-api are no longer made to /v1/cluster/[cluster id]/ but to /v1/proxy/[cluster id]/cluster-api instead. Please update the urls you use for your API calls.

Using the genvid-sdk open cli

genvid-sdk open now opens the GUI to a proxied service such as cluster-api or studio. To open links, use genvid-sdk open-link.

Update website

The web API was changed to use modules. Three versions are now available:

  • Browser version: Backward compatible version. Use javascript
    global variables packaged with webpack. Available under api/web/dist/browser.
  • Common-js version: Browser version with Common-JS modules.
    Available under api/web/dist/commonjs.
  • Node.js: Common-JS modules to be used with Node.js. Available under api/web/dist/node.

In order to upgrade your website with the Browser version, you will need to:

  1. Copy the content of api/web/dist/browser/genvid
    into the folder of your choice, accessible from your website.
  2. Update the path for genvid.min.js in your website to refer to the new location (if you have changed it).
  3. Optionally, if you are using TypeScript, update your
    tsconfig.json in order to include the new typescript definition files.

Change to the GenvidRESTCSharp.dll in Unity

Instead of getting the service Cluster API from the Consul client, we now get the service Bastion API.

See the Genvid SDK Unity Integration section for more details on how to use the GenvidRESTCSharp.dll inside Unity.

Replace the Unreal Engine Plugin

Some files are not used anymore in the Unreal Engine Plugin, so in case you would want to update and use the new plugin without getting any build error, we recommend that you delete all the folders containing the old plugin. Afterwards you can proceed to copy the new plugin.