Upgrade from 1.17.0 to 1.18.0

Splitting of the genvid Web SDK into two libraries

For a smoother developer experience, we decided to extract the math library from the main genvid library. We now have a new library named genvid-math. The consequence is that you have to include the genvidmath.min.js file if you need the genvidMath functions.

Improvement of the use of the genvid library as a typescript module

You now have two ways of including genvid and genvid-math:

  • using typing and the script tag as usual (genvid/browser). You can have a look at the tutorial sample to see how it goes.
  • using the local module import system (genvid/browserModule). You can see an example of that way of importing in the unity web sample. This import method is also supported by node (genvid/node).

Call to Terraform import module now initialize the cluster

Whether it is through the command line or from the API, the call to import the Terraform Module into a cluster now also initializes the working directory. This could lead to an invalid state of cluster is not empty if you try to call the Terraform Init API after it.

UE4 REST API upgrade

We updated the UE4 REST API and now use automatically generated files instead of static files. To prevent any build issues with the new plugin, we recommend that you delete the folder PluginsGenvidPluginSourceGenvidEditor and replace it with the new one available with the current GenvidPlugin. This will prevent conflict with files that have been removed or classes available in other files.

New ON-AIR Module

We added the support of On-Air mode in Studio. If your streaming service is configured to something other than standalone and you have set the Genvid Setting broadcast/enable to false, the broadcast will only start when the ON AIR button is toggled to on. If your streaming service is configured to standalone, the ON AIR button will not affect the broadcast.