Upgrade from 1.26.0 to 1.27.0

Removed unused variables from clusters.

We removed the following variables from the AWS and Azure clusters as they are no longer required.


Variable Impacted Module
cidr minimal_cluster
game_az minimal_setup_ami
region basic_cluster
validation_method basic_cluster_alb_ssl
validation_method minimal_cluster_alb_ssl


Variable Impacted Module
trusted_security_groups azurerm_basic_cluster
trusted_security_groups azurerm_basic_cluster_alb_ssl

Enabling Toolbox update in Azure basic cluster using toolbox_location variable.

In order to have consistency between AWS and Azure clusters, we added the the toolbox_location variable to azurerm_basic_cluster. You can now update the Toolbox in an Azure basic cluster by supplying the Toolbox URL as the value.

If you leave toolbox_location empty, the Toolbox won’t be updated.

Renamed the setup-ami module.

In AWS, we changed the path of the Terraform module bastion-services\terraform\modules\basic\setup-ami to bastion-services\terraform\modules\basic\setup_ami. This affects the call to toolbox command genvid-ami setup.

Changed/added variables in AWS and Azure.

In AWS clusters, we renamed the variable ami_prefix to game_ami_prefix. We also changed its default value in basic_cluster_alb_ssl and minimal_cluster_alb_ssl from genvidtech to default.

Also in AWS clusters, we added a new variable server_ami_prefix.

In Azure clusters, we added a new variable server_image_prefix.

Removed unused outputs from AWS clusters.

We removed the ami_prefix output from the AWS basic_cluster_alb_ssl and minimal_cluster_alb_ssl as it is no longer required.

Updating Terraform modules found in previous versions.

You may run into an error if you’re updating a bastion server with clusters created on a bastion earlier than 1.26. This error occurs when reimporting the new version of the module and running plan apply.

on main.tf.json line 118, in variable:
118:     "bastionid": {

The root module input variable "bastionid" is not set, and has no default
value. Use a -var or -var-file command line argument to provide a value for
this variable.

To fix this issue:

  1. Add a global variable named bastionid.
  2. Set the value of bastionid to the name of the bastion server you’re updating.
  3. Run plan apply.

We will fix this issue in another release.