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Genvid’s tools are powerful, painless & free to download

Our software has everything you need to create your first MILE or enhanced livestream. Download it today and join our vibrant community of developers on Discord to get started on your journey.

Run your first MILE with Genvid

Our vision is to bring robust, flexible, interactivity to livestreaming in the form of Massive Interactive Live Events, or MILEs.

MILEs are interactive livestreams turning millions of concurrent viewers into ‘participants’: audience members with actual agency, all experiencing the same event. With our unique SDK and comprehensive back-end support, entire interactive experiences live in the cloud, instantly accessible via any connected device, with no downloads or installation for users. These MILEs are being built by us in partnership with some of the biggest names in technology, social media, film and television.

Our technology isn’t just best-in-class; it’s lightyears ahead of any other interactive streaming solution, proprietary or commercial. Our tech supports all major game engines, as well as your own, is compatible with all leading streaming platforms and can support proprietary platforms, too. We’re proud to be backed by some of the biggest investors in interactive media, esports, and consumer technology: Valor Equity Partners, Atreides Management, Horizons Ventures, Makers Fund, March Capital, OCA Ventures, Galaxy Interactive, Third Point Ventures, Cobalt Capital, LightShed Ventures, XN, and Lux Capital; as well as strategic investments from Huya, NTT Docomo Ventures, and Samsung Ventures.

How It Works

The Genvid SDK passes audio and video from streams through cloud-hosted services to a streaming platform. Simultaneously, it sends synchronized game-data through the services to an interactive overlay on the end user’s device.

Interactive events also pass from each viewer’s browser back through those services to the originating stream itself.

Who is the Genvid SDK for?

Our SDK is for developers who want to create the next generation of interactive streaming experience: a MILE. It might be a game, a TV show, a music festival or an exhibit – the only limit is your imagination.

Where do I start?

Watch our video tutorial on SDK installation here, then run the provided samples with the game engine of your choice by following or sample documentation.

Where can I get help?

You can find much more information in our documentation section or our AnswerHub, get in touch via the contact section, or join our developer Discord here.

Download the complete SDK and take your first step toward creating brand new, compelling streaming experiences.

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