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Want to create easily monetized, interactive streams for your game?
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Genvid: Fully customised, scaleable, bespoke support contracts to suit all of your needs. We’ll help you to access the Massive Interactive Live Event (MILEs) market, walking you through the concept and the practicalities of monetising this new audience.


Although our Genvid SDK is an ‘off the shelf’ solution, our service contracts are anything but. We're here to support you as much or as little as you need us to, across every aspect of your interactive streaming experience. If there's something you think you'll need help with which isn't mentioned here, just let us know and we'll be happy to discuss what else we can offer you.


We'll handle the messy nature of interactive streaming accounts and licenses, leaving you free to concentrate on your creative vision. Let us do the paperwork.


When you partner with Genvid you're not just getting software, you're gaining an experienced development partner with your best interests at heart - a team you can depend upon. We view every services partnership as an ongoing relationship where our success is tightly bound to yours.


Creating great interactive streams means thinking carefully about how you handle the integration of interactive streaming technology with your MILE, both on a technical basis and in terms of gameplay mechanics. If you need help with that integration, or the web development necessary to make it pop, our experienced engineers can show you the way. We help plan your design intelligently from day one to avoid any conflicts or bottlenecks further down the line, ensuring that your interactive streams add real depth and value to the project without adding to your team's overheads.

"Genvid just solved a big challenge for the game industry: how to meaningfully engage the large audience watching game streams. It was a pleasure working with them on our recent title and the implementation of their SDK was smooth, quick and professionally handled."

- Edmar Mendizabal, Founder - Impeller Studios


Getting your interactive streams running means putting the game into the cloud and streaming from within it, creating your MILE. If you don’t have experience with AWS or Azure, the default server options covered in our SDK, then this can be intimidating. We’re here to make things easy, from helping you to consider optimal infrastructure during the design phase, to advice on building for the scalability which your interactive streams require. Our team of experienced engineers can make sure you're designing with these factors in mind from the very beginning, guiding you through the principles needed to make sure that cloud deployment is an asset and not an obstacle.

"Genvid have been great partners. The team has been super proactive and supportive of what we're trying to build. Their fast response time has enabled us to iterate quickly, and they've been very helpful with advice and best practices in designing for live streaming."

- Paul Kurowski, Creative Director - Black Block

Live Ops

Our Live Ops offering is here to support the running of your game no matter the scale or scenario. If you've got a MILE which is broadcast at specific times to your audience, a game which needs to be online 24/7x365, an on-demand esports tournament, or even a one-off special event, we can promise you reliability across every aspect of your streaming experience, complete with custom response times from our Live Ops specialists. In addition to our agile support for fault fixing and disaster recovery, we'll also advise you on how to incorporate the proper thinking for maximum stability in your core design. If you need us, we'll be with you every step of the way, from design document to post-release assistance.

“We partnered with Genvid for the FACEIT London Major and ECS to develop a new interactive viewing experience. Their Live Ops was critical in delivering a complex product reliably at scale for fans to enjoy globally.”

- Michele Attisani, Co-founder & CBO - FACEIT