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Transforming Game Broadcasting

We are a developer-grade broadcast solution, built with your games’ needs in mind

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How It Works

Key Features

Genvid Data Streams

Genvid offers a variety of data streams alongside your video enabling new forms of interactivities both through overlay and around the video--from the game to the viewers, and from the viewers back securely into the game itself.

Quick to Integrate: Generate a Broadcast With a Few Lines of Code

Getting started with Genvid is very easy. See how simple it is to grab Video, Audio, Data and Events from your game and stream them with Genvid.

Access our Developer Portal for resources to help you get started with Genvid

Flexible to Your Needs

The Genvid SDK is flexible by design. No matter your engine, platform or infrastructure, we can work with you.


We offer easy to use plugins for Unreal Engine 4 and Unity. We are also quick to integrate with your own engine, with a guide included in our SDK.


We can support the streaming platforms you are looking to deploy to. The SDK includes YouTube by default, with more to come.


We are easy to deploy anywhere and on a variety of configurations. Our SDK includes deployment and monitoring for AWS by default.