Genvid Session Manager

The GenvidSessionManager prefab object initializes your broadcast session. You need to place this object in the scene with Activate SDK selected to have the Genvid SDK activated when starting the game.


When Activate SDK is enabled, the GenvidSessionManager will expect a Genvid stack to be running locally to the game (or the editor, if you run from the editor). If no Genvid stack is available and running, it will cause errors. If you need to run the game in the editor or build a game that does not depend on a Genvid stack, Activate SDK should be disabled.

This object contains various properties that can be activated depending on your needs:

Genvid Session Manager inspector view
Activate SDK
This allows you to quickly activate/deactivate the Genvid SDK. Any prefab object on the scene will find the Genvid Session Manager and verify that it is active. It is possible to set this option to true by using the argument -Genvid when launching a Unity application.
Auto Initialize
When checked, this option performs the initialize process for the Genvid SDK when starting the application (Awake). This needs to be done once in your application if you want to activate the Genvid SDK.
The GenvidSession object used in the project needs to be added here to be able to activate properly.
Activate Debug Log
When checked, this option will display logs about the Genvid SDK for any successful operation done by the prefab.