Viewer Compatibility Information

To give your broadcast as broad an audience as possible, we’ve worked to make sure the Genvid SDK allows viewers to participate using a variety of platforms. The following list includes all supported platforms and software tested internally and confirmed compatible with the Genvid SDK as of version 1.32.0.


Untested combinations might or might not function correctly. Please visit the Genvid AnswerHub page and report any issues you encounter on other platforms for future compatibility testing.


Currently, you can only develop content with the Genvid SDK using a Windows environment. This list refers only to platforms viewers can use to participate in broadcasts integrated with the Genvid SDK.

Versions tested were the latest available as of Genvid SDK 1.32.0 release.

PC Windows 10.x Chrome
Edge Chromium
Mac Catalina Safari
Android 10 Phone (Samsung Galaxy S10) Chrome
Tablet Chrome
iOS 13 iPhone 11 Safari
iPad (7th Gen) Safari