Genvid MILE SDK Prefab for Unity

For an easier integration of the Genvid MILE SDK into your project, we created a Unity prefab to streamline the integration path.


This feature is currently in beta. The prefab is fully functional, but we expect to make some changes in the future to improve the user experience.

Please visit our forums if you have feedback on this (or any other) feature of the Genvid MILE SDK.

This section covers the files included in the prefab, with detailed descriptions of what they do and how to use them.

Note that the prefab only works if you have the files needed indicated in the Unity sample project:

  • Genvid.dll
  • GenvidPlugin.dll
  • GenvidSDKCSharp.dll

See Genvid MILE SDK Unity Asset Package for information about these files.

Files Included in the Prefab

Genvid Prefab Tree

All prefab files are in the Genvid/Prefabs/Genvid/ folder. The script file attached to each prefab is available in Genvid/Scripts.

You can use the game object to drag and drop onto your scene directly or use the included script.


Make sure that the data sent is compatible with JsonUtility.ToJson otherwise it will display an error.