Genvid MILE SDK Unity Editor Package

The engine-integration/unity/genvid_editor.unitypackage adds a new window to the Unity editor. This window lets you to access the same set of functionalities as Cluster UI and Bastion UI.


The editor package adds optional functionality to the Unity editor. It isn’t required for integrating the Genvid MILE SDK.

Package Contents

This is a wrapper around our Toolbox CLI Applications REST API which allows control of the Genvid Stack from the Unity Editor. It depends on a third party library: RESTCSharp Library, included in the Genvid/Editor/Plugins/ folder.
This file contains the code behind the Genvid editor window. It allows you to interact with the different clusters managed by your bastion.
These are textures used for the Genvid Window UI.

Before You Begin

To see the content in this window:

This gives you some direct access to the different websites available, as well as the ability to control some jobs running in your local cluster.

Building the Package

The package source is available under /engine-integration/unity/editor. You can use the script to build the full Unity package by using the editor option.

py editor

You can also use the pre-built asset package engine-integration/unity/genvid_editor.unitypackage.

Installing the Package

You can use the script from the cube sample to install the package in your project. You’ll find it in the /samples/cube/unity folder.

py prepare

You can also manually add the Genvid MILE SDK to your Unity project.

  1. Open your project in the Unity Editor.

  2. Select Assets ‣ Import Package ‣ Custom Package.

  3. Click genvid_editor.unitypackage located in the /engine-integration/unity folder.