Genvid MILE SDK Unity Asset Package

The engine-integration/unity/genvid_sdk.unitypackage file contains everything necessary to integrate the Genvid MILE SDK into your game. If you have already run the Genvid Unity Cube Sample, then you’ve already installed the Genvid Unity SDK Package. If not, you can manually install the Genvid Unity SDK Package.

Package Contents

Genvid/SDK/Plugins/x86/genvid.dll and Genvid/SDK/Plugins/x64/genvid.dll
This is our main native DLL for Windows (32-bit and 64-bit versions). It is required for integrating the Genvid Services.
This is the C# wrapper around our Native SDK. It exposes all the same functionalities as genvid.dll and lets you use our SDK through Unity Scripts.
Genvid/SDK/Plugins/x86/GenvidPlugin.dll and Genvid/SDK/Plugins/x64/GenvidPlugin.dll
This is our Unity Native Plugin (32-bit and 64-bit versions) which lets us enable direct access to the graphics device for optimal video capture. It is not mandatory for integrating Genvid, but allows more efficient video transfer to our SDK.
Genvid/SDK/Scripts/ and Genvid/SDK/Prefabs/

These folders contain scripts and prefabs for integrating Genvid more easily. We use them in our cube sample, but they aren’t mandatory. You can replace them in your project.

We describe these prefabs and scripts in more detail in the Genvid MILE SDK Prefab for Unity section.

Building the Package


Before building the plugin, you need to build the GenvidPlugin.dll. For that you also must have the Microsoft C++ Compiler installed.

To build the DLL, run the script with the plugin option.

py plugin

The package source is available under /engine-integration/unity. Once you’ve built the DLL, you can use the script to build the full Unity SDK package by using the sdk option.

py sdk

You can also use the pre-built asset package /engine-integration/unity/genvid_sdk.unitypackage.


The Unity Installer only installs the C# tools by default. You need to install C++ support separately to build the Unity package.

Installing the Package

You can use the script from the cube sample to install the package in your project. You’ll find it in the /samples/cube/unity folder.

py prepare

You can also manually add the Genvid MILE SDK to your Unity project.

  1. Open your project in the Unity Editor.

  2. Select Assets ‣ Import Package ‣ Custom Package.

  3. Click genvid_sdk.unitypackage located in the /engine-integration/unity folder.