Upgrade from 1.24.0 to 1.25.0

Studio is now a service.

Studio is now part of the services job and no longer a sample. When you start the services job in the Cluster UI, studioD will start along with the other services.

The Studio service is deactivated by default – there is an option to enable it in the Cluster UI settings. You also need to enable the composition functions and the show monitor option.

You can also make these modifications using a HCL file that you load on your local cluster.

genvid-sdk load-config myhclfile.hcl

Or a cloud cluster:

genvid-sdk -c $mycluster load-config myhclfile.hcl

You can find an example of a configuration file in the Studio documentation.

After loading the configuration:

  1. Go to the Jobs page.

  2. Click Start All.

  3. Wait for the Studio link to become enabled.

  4. Click the Studio link to go to the Studio UI.

Default version of Python now 3.8.

We are now using Python 3.8 as the default version of Python for the Genvid SDK. Note that version 3.8 can be installed in parallel with 3.5.

The toolbox is still compatible with Python 3.5 for Genvid SDK 1.25.0 and you can use 3.5 for local development and AWS environments. However, version 3.8 is required to work with Azure environments. We recommend converting to 3.8 as this might be required in our future releases.

You can still use Python 3.5 by calling py -3.5 or using a 3.5 virtual environment.

To upgrade a Python 3.5 virtual environment to 3.8, run the following command:

py -3.8 venv --upgrade <venv folder>

Local drive clusters now encrypted by default.

New clusters created with 1.25.0 are now locally encrypted by default. To avoid data loss when upgrading from a prior version, you should disable local drive encryption by setting use_drive_encryption to false. See Terraform Settings for more information.

AWS Variable Name Changes

We renamed the following Terraform variables and outputs in AWS clusters:

iam_role_name_server -> server_instance_profile_name

iam_role_name_server -> game_instance_profile

Modules impacted:







Removed variables private_subnets and public_subnets from AWS cluster basic_cluster_alb_ssl.

We removed the variables private_subnets and public_subnets from the AWS cluster basic_cluster_alb_ssl, as they were not intended to be publicly available. The intent behind the basic_cluster_alb_ssl is to create a simple, working cluster for you.

If you need to specify subnets for your cluster, use the cluster minimal_cluster_alb_ssl instead.

UE4 Plugin SubmitNotification moved from GenvidStreams to GenvidSession.

We moved the SubmitNotification function from GenvidStreams to GenvidSession because notifications are not streams. This clarification helps avoid possible misunderstandings about the design of streams and notifications.

Beginning with version 1.25.0, you will no longer be able to create new scripts using SubmitNotification in GenvidStreams. Current scripts using the function in GenvidStreams will remain functional.

Create new scripts using SubmitNotification in GenvidSession to be compliant with the new design.