Upgrade from 1.33.0 to 1.34.0

Enforced Validation for Bastion and Consul Connection Environment

We reinforced the validation of CONSUL_HTTP_ADDR and GENVID_BASTION_URL in our scripts. If one or both of those variables are set but aren’t formatted properly, the ConsulTool constructor will throw a ValueError indicating which value is incorrectly formatted.

Upgrade to Nomad v1.2.4

We upgraded Nomad from v0.12.1 to v1.2.4 to take advantage of features this version includes. This upgrade breaks backward compatibility in multiple places.

In particular is the job format conversion to HCLv2. To streamline your upgrade, we added an optional flag to the job configuration.

job "my-job" {
   hclv1 = true

This temporary change lets you upgrade before fully converting your job definition to HCLv2. However, you won’t benefit from any features provided by the Nomad upgrade until you complete the conversion.

See the HashiCorp upgrade guide for Nomad for more information.

Upgrade to Terraform v1.1.5

We upgraded Terraform from version 0.14.7 to v1.1.5. This upgrade includes a major change in how sensitive values are viewed in Terraform output.

Values derived from sensitive values (either as variables or outputs) now must be marked as such. They will not be displayed in the default output of a plan or apply command. However, they are still accessible through the output link in the Bastion Terraform Commands interface in JSON format.

See the HashiCorp upgrade guide for Terraform for more information.

nats Job Now an SDK Job Instead of a Setup Job

The nats job is now part of the standard jobs of the SDK, along with services and bins. To help with your upgrade, the genvid-bastion reinstall command has a new --resetconfig parameter that clears the bastion from its previous job definitions.