class genvid.toolbox.AzureTool(bastionAPI)

Bases: object

Utilities to access and manipulate Azure resources.

NAME = 'Azure'
DESCRIPTION = 'Utilities to access and manipulate Azure resources.'
azure_format_container_key(key: str) → str

Ensure the format of the key is correct.

More specifically, we remove any leading “/” and add a trailing “/” if the key is not empty.

Parameters:key (str) – Key to format.
Returns:Potentially reformated key.
get_azure_images_config(container: str, key_prefix='/', region=None) → dict

Retrieve images configurations from an Azure Container.


The image names must match DockerTool.RE_IMAGE_IMAGEID to be selected.

  • container – The container identifier to operate on.
  • key_prefix – Container Key Prefix.
  • region (str) – The region in which the container resides.

A Dictionary with configuration.


Add Public IP’s to list to allow access in Firewall and virtual networks of azure storage account.

Parameters:public_ips – Lists of List IP’s to be added.
upload_blob_to_container(container_name, blob_name: str, filepath: typing.Union[str, pathlib.Path], *, region=None)

Upload specific blob to an Azure Container.

  • container_name – The name of container to operate on.
  • blob_name – Name of the blob to be uploaded
  • filepath (str) – Path to the file to be uploaded.
  • region (str) – Lookup region .
update_azure_storage_images(prefixes: typing.List[str], container_name: str, key_prefix: str, images_folder: typing.Union[pathlib.Path, str, NoneType] = None, *, region=None)

Update images in an Azure Container.

  • container_name – The Container name to operate on.
  • key_prefix – The prefix key where to upload the files.
  • prefixes – Update only files with these prefixes.
  • images_folder – The directory containing the source images.
  • region (str) – Region in which the container resides.

Get the Azure Container ID for images. :return: Container ID


Add your external IP to azure firewall settings.

class azure_tool.AzureTool

Implementation of genvid.toolbox.AzureTool