Genvid Tools Integrations

The Genvid Tools Integrations section covers the suite of tools included with the Genvid MILE SDK. These tools provide functionality and data-gathering capabilities for generating and testing live broadcasts.

Genvid Studio

The Genvid Studio service provides an interface for producing and directing live content broadcasts.


Genvid Ingest provides an RTMP ingest-server so you can add external A/V feeds to your broadcast event.

TICK Stack Metrics

Genvid TICK Stack Metrics provide an option for viewing data about your broadcast streams.


TICK is an open-source time-series platform by InfluxData, which is separate from the Genvid MILE SDK.

Load Tester

The Genvid Load Tester is an application which lets you generate metrics about the performance of broadcasts against simulated live conditions.


RemoteGUI provides an interactive display of various data about a running broadcast stream.