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Genvid is the first broadcast solution built with games in mind, integrated with your game engines and enabling full interactivity over livestreams.

We are a flexible SDK that can work on any livestream service and with any infrastructure.

Genvid makes your livestreams clickable as though viewers were in-engine. Viewers can click on players in realtime to get stats, weapon loadouts and more. All UI customization is up to the individual viewer.

Viewers can even tap directly on the video to cheer on the video for players, creating a stadium-like atmosphere between spectators without ever touching the player build.

With Genvid you’ll deepen viewer engagement, individually target and localize your advertisements, and have the potential to sell items, skins and cheer emoji to viewers as though they were players.

Genvid lets you move beyond the limitations of today’s player cameras and broadcast your games like real sports.

Deploy as many cameras as you need into your virtual arena, ensuring you’re always capturing the most dynamic aspects of your game.

You can preset the viewing algorithm or camera perspectives, and spin up as many instances as you’d like!

Imagine automating your replays through machine learning. Genvid offers a framework that enables you to read the audience’s reactions in real-time, and use that to securely affect the game state.

Coming soon, you can read inputs across a wide spectrum, from basic chat parsing to advanced heat maps, which can use the generated data to determine optimal camera positions for the majority of the audience or even allow secure feedback to the game engine, letting your audience tell you exactly what they like—or don’t like.

Take Your Games to the Next Level

Our SDK is FREE to download and integrate. Contact us today for more information.

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