Finish the AMI Set Up

Shut Down the AMI

After you finish setting up the AMI, you can shut it down. To prevent conflicts on the network and other problems, you must do a sysprep shutdown. This resets the Administrator account and Computer Name. It also lets you set up the new instance with User Data, which allows launch time configuration of new instances.

To shut down properly, launch the 5 - Shutdown with Sysprep link from the desktop.

  • Select yes to change the Execution Policy

  • Select OK on the Windows Security dialog

The sysprep script starts the machine shutdown.

Once it stops, you can save the AMI.

Save the AMI

genvid-ami save mycluster --prefix myprefix

myprefix is a unique prefix used as part of the name for your AMI. The full name of the new AMI will be myprefix-wingame-[version]-[timestamp], which is how the system identifies it.

When finished, you have your own Windows AMI for starting the game.

Clean Up the Cluster

Once done, you can terminate the instance and clean up the cluster:

genvid-ami clean mycluster

This command destroys the VPC on AWS and deletes the cluster set up by Bastion.