The AWS Cloud Environment

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Environment section covers everything you need to know about setting up your project to stream to external viewers. First we walk you through configuring an AWS instance to run your production cluster. Then we show you how to build your project to work with that cluster and stream to external services.

For a hands-on experience, we include intructions on how to run both the DirectX Sample and Unreal Tournament Sample in the cloud.

See The Azure Cloud Environment for information on setting up services in a Microsoft Azure cloud environment.


The functionalities present here are in beta. This code is not ready for production usage, but can be used to test your integration on the cloud.

Setup of the desktop environment

Please, ensure the aws command line program is available in your PATH and that you run an update version of it. Also, you should ensure that the aws extra is currently activated in your genvid-toolbox installation by running:

py ./ --extra aws

Cloud Environment Setup and Management

This section covers setting up a cloud environment and managing environments after creating them. It also covers using custom profiles to simplify managing multiple cloud environments.

Understanding and Using Genvid Clusters

This section gives you an overview of how the Genvid Cluster is set up and works to deliver synchronized content to your viewers. Then we go into the details of setting up and using your own Genvid Clusters.

Tools for Using and Managing Genvid Clusters

This section covers 2 of the important tools we use to run Genvid Clusters: Vault and Docker.

Your Genvid Project in the Cloud

This section covers how to run your Genvid project using the cluster you set up for it. It also walks through running the DirectX sample on the cloud, as an example.