class FGenvidEventSummary

A Blueprint implementation of GenvidEventSummary.

FString id

The id of the event.

TArray<FGenvidEventResult> results

The list of results.

class FGenvidEventResult

A Blueprint implementation of GenvidEventResult.

FGenvidEventKey key

The event key.

TArray<FGenvidEventValue> values

The list of values for this result.

class FGenvidEventKey

A Blueprint implementation of GenvidEventKey.

TArray<FString> fields

A list of fields composing the key.

class FGenvidEventValue

A Blueprint implementation of GenvidEventValue.

EGenvidReduceOp reduce

The type of reduce operation

double value

The value of the reduce operation.

float valuef

The value of the operation as a float. This value is used with Blueprint instead of the actual value property.

class FGenvidTimecode

A Blueprint implementation of GenvidTimecode.

long long timecode

A timecode value used to specify a location in the stream.

enum class EGenvidReduceOp : uint8

A reflection of GenvidReduceOp for Blueprint.

enum class EGenvidStatus : uint8

A reflection of GenvidStatus for Blueprint.