Preparing for Integration

This section covers how to integrate the Genvid MILE SDK with your game and how to use our API with its current flow.

We start by describing the basic tools you need for development on your own project and explaining how to set them up. Next we take you through running the DirectX Sample to give you a hands-on understanding of how it all works together.

We finish by giving you direction on where to start your own integration. If you decide to start with the next steps, keep this section in mind for information about setting up your local development environment.


Windows PowerShell has parsing rules that can cause issues when using Genvid MILE SDK Python scripts. Specifically, it interprets backslashes followed by quotation marks (/")in a way that can cause errors in commands that include a directory path.

To avoid this issue, either delete the final backslash or end the string with two backslashes (//"). This allows PowerShell to parse the string correctly.

For more information, see the documentation on the PowerShell *CommandLineToArgvW* function.