The Cube Sample

Our Cube Sample is based on an official D3D11 sample from Microsoft. We integrated the Genvid MILE SDK with the sample so you can experience the features available with our SDK.

We created versions of the Cube Sample using 3 different engines: DirectX, Unity, and UE4. We then describe how to integrate the Genvid MILE SDK on each platform.

We also provide two web spectating samples: a simple example that allows you to spectate in an embedded website using our standalone video streaming player (for testing purpose only), Youtube or Twitch, and another one shows a Twitch Extensions integration.


All Genvid MILE SDK integrations consist of both a game-client integration and a viewer integration (usually a web page). To run the Cube Sample, you need to use the simple Web Sample along with the engine integration you choose.


The Cube Sample displays 3 cubes named Athos, Porthos, and Aramis. The cubes rotate and move in different fixed directions. When a cube reaches an edge, it moves to the opposite side of the world to continue its movement without interruption. The player controls one cube at a time using these controls:

  • The arrow and W A S D keys change the trajectory of the selected cube.
    Modifying the direction also affects the rotation of the object.
  • The 1, 2, and 3 keys select different cubes.
  • The numeric keypad keys change the selected cube’s color.
  • The 0 key resets the orientation of the selected cube.
  • The P key resets the position of the selected cube.
  • The Backspace key stops the cube from moving.