Cluster Management APIs

The Cluster Management APIs reference section covers the two APIs that the Genvid MILE SDK uses to manage Genvid Clusters in deployment–the Bastion API and the Cluster API.


Both the Bastion and Cluster APIs are constantly under development. As these APIs evolve, their interfaces are likely to change.

Cluster Management UI Reference

Both the Bastion and Cluster APIs have user-interfaces for ease of cluster set up and management. The UIs are direct interfaces for their respective APIs.

Cluster Management UIs

Bastion API

The Bastion API is a cluster management API and a proxy to the Cluster API. It’s main functions are:

  • Managing assets and clusters, and

  • Interfacing with Terraform.

The Bastion API is available under /v1/bastion. You can send calls that need to go to a cluster through the proxy functionality using the base URI /v1/proxy/[cluster id]/[service]/[service base url].

For example, a local cluster you create using the Bastion API is named local. To get the links provided by the cluster-api service through the Bastion API on the local cluster, you would use /v1/proxy/local/cluster-api/v1/links.

Cluster API

The Cluster API provides control over a cluster. It’s main functions are:

  • Managing cluster assets and configuration, and

  • Interfacing with supervisor services.

You can access the Cluster API using the base URL [bastion url]/v1/proxy/[cluster id]/[service]/[service base url].